Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You cannot trust the people

BBC says on parliament rejecting a referendum on the EU, 'A Downing Street spokesman said many people who voted for the motion felt very strongly, and their views were respected.

"However, the government has to do what is in the national interest. The easy thing to do would have been for us to have avoided expressing a view. It was important to take a strong lead - because Britain's best interests are served by being in the EU."'

What arrogance form politicians who think they know best but cannot trust the people to be convinced by their arguments. If we can have a referendum over what for most people was no burning issue, the voting system, why can we not have one over that which has most affected our national life?

But as ever, like with capital punishment and immigration, the politicians know best and will not vote according to the will of the people.

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