Saturday, April 28, 2018

The changing world (86) Oct 79

Oct 1st Met Dupe Onamusi and Dave Bickel at new Jos airport. Stuck twice on road to Mango.
2nd       Hausa course going well.
3rd        Supplies TEE books to Mada Hills church.
5th        Translated when Garba gave the students a lecture on Hausa customs.
6th         Work on TEE prayer book.
7th         To Tae for the 75th anniversary go the mission. Governor war and TV present for four hour service, Bitrus Gani preaching.
8th         N100 to washing stolen from the line. Barnaba Dusu lecture on Middle Belt Cultures.
9th         Katy at Pineview.
10th       Kieth Back lectured on the Kanuri.
11th       Hausa teaching then a lecture again at TCNN.
12th       Emmanuel Oladipo lectured on student work.
13th       With Kathleen Gordon and Barbara Jaques to wild life park and Elm House swimming pool.
14th        Colin Bulley preached at HQ. Lunch with Gulas at Gindiri, tea with Owens. Good evening Bible study by Geoff Kimber.
15th        Students complain Garba's drilling is not very good. Mavis Bulmer doing some typing for me.
16th        Katy at Pineview where we had supper. It was infamous for 365 dessert, a variant of fruit salad every day.
17th        Arranging a TEE Association exhibit for the Nigeria Evangelical Fellowship meetings.
18th        Hausa teaching then NEF and a lecture on TEE at TCNN. Led prayer meeting.
19th        Book selling at NEF.
20th        Took family and Tim Bulmer to Foron. Supplied men in Bokkos with books and picked up potatoes making N5 a sack profit.
21st         Trevor Wells preached.
22nd        Peter Dominy lectured on Christianity and social change.
24th         Katy on Rockhaven fury. Emmanuel and Ruth Oladipo lectured on the Christian family.
25th         Took Bible study at prayer meeting. Katy doing Halloween costumes.
26th         Hillcrest fancy dress parade.
27th         Took family for a swim. Katy at a musical evening.
28th         Preached in Hausa. Swimming again. David Owers spoke in the evening.
29th         Must Gotom lectured on African theology.
30th         More Hausa teaching. Pineview for supper again.
31st          Katy on Rockhaven duty. I took the children to Kafanchan but biting ants prevented a visit to the waterfall.

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