Thursday, April 26, 2018

The changing world (81) May 79

May 1st Rachel has hepatitis. We all were given gamaglobulin injections.
2nd        More load from Daffo. Lydia for Boers helping in the house. Made cizaki jam.
3rd         TEE subcommittee. Rob Koop round to talk about Hausa teaching. Jean Hamilton visiting from Belfast.
5th        To Daffo. Very muddy. Bought a hand of bananas.
6th        Church at Hillcrest with the boys.
7th        To Mwari TEE. Katy has a bad eye.
8th         Started first Hausa teaching. Emmanuel Oladipo of fellowship of Christian student was to be my only ever Nigerian student. Wiltons and an SIM man. I teach grammar, garbage the drilling of oral work.
9th         Garba to Zaria for audiogram. Hillcrest showing Schaeffer film, How Shal We Then Live?
10th       Ding all the teaching as Garba away. Jonathan proficient on his bike.
11th        Katy to a Brahms requiem. me to more of the Schaeffer film.
12th       Dug garden. Katy not well but Rachel recovered now.
13th       Sunday school and church at Hillcrest. Brian Evans led good Rockhaven Bible study in the evening.
14th       Little rain at present. More gardening.
15th       Daffo TEE teachers. Bought bananas again and potatoes.
 16th      Suppied books to a supermarket in Jos. Grace Stokes and Lilian Blenko to supper.
17th       David had become very dog friendly.
20th       David fell off his tricycle.
21st       Doing Daffo and TEE accounts.
23rd      Katy bottled mangoes.
24th      Weekly HQ prayer meeting.
26th       To Bulmers at Foron for lunch. Alexander law speaking at our Quiet Day.
27th        Hillcrest Sunday school. HQ church service then I led evening Rockhaven Bible study.
28th        Fever and stomach pains. Prescribed antibiotics.
29th        Had to teach as Garba in Zaria. Dele visited. Katy finished Hillcrest teaching.
30th        Boys now on holiday. Baby David Middleton very sad to see as he cannot had or move his head.
31st        Lectured on TEE at Bukuru. With Bulleys for lunch. He says no other staff there believe in inerrancy.

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