Monday, April 16, 2018

Diary w/e 14 Apr 18

Sun 8 Apr 18

Paul preached mat 5 divorce and oaths linking them with keeping promises. In 48+ years I can only think of three divorces in our congregation. Two of those involved men not in membership at the time.
   For lunch, a Romanian Hungarian, Spaniard and Irishman. Truly we are an international church .
   Evening service at Harmonsworth Immigration Removal Centre. Congregation included, Nigerians, Ghanaian, Beninian, Cameroonian, Botswanan and Bangladeshis. I preached  from Jesus baptism on the trinity as it was Trinity Sunday. I related the Holy Spirit in all the Scripture and the Angel of the Lord as the pre-incarnate Christ. Thanks to church member Chrisine for being my driver.

Mon 9 Apr

We went to the garden centre and purchased topsoil, fertiliser, perennials, seeds and a parasol. The latter was a tenth of the price of the awning we were considering for the patio. Now I can read and smoke my pipe in the rain.

Tue 10 Apr

Chuck Phillips excellent on John 3:1-10 at lunchtime talks. Pastoral visit then cardiology nurse again with good report.
I am disgusted by ealing Council's unanimous vote to ban demonstrators from within 100 meters of the local abortion mill. That is not representative of Ealing opinion. I am ashamed of the Conservatives failure to stand for freedom.

Wed 11 Apr

U3A Current Affairs on Brexit. I was the only keen brexiteer in the group and also the only one appalled at the council's decision to stop free speech outside the abortion mill locally. We have now been in this house six months, almost, and at last I have had the wonky wireless thermostat in the bathroom replaced. Pleased to find it guaranteed until 2021 for the underfloor heating. Still two months to wait for the new electricity and gas meters and now four for the water meter.

Thurs 12 Apr

Elissa eleven today. After birthday cake to Liss with Paul levy for their first congregational meeting in the seven months since James Buchanan was installed as their pastor. A well behaved, well chaired meeting. We had to endure a briefing on the folly thetas the new data protection law. If it was up to me I would ignore it and face the consequences if any. Unwarranted government interference in the church IMO.

Fri 13

Unseasonably cold and dull.

Sat 14 Apr

Encouraging site visit to the IPC building which the very pleasant foreman says will be completed September. My ideal son in law fixed the wardrobe doors, kitchen cupboard door and repositioned the washing line, all DIY rules as beyond my competence. Hottest day of the year.

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