Monday, April 09, 2018

Quotes 9 Apr 18

God is Himself a Father and knows best what is good for his children. - Calvin

There are none so blind as those determined not to see - Anthony Eden- quoted in Labour and the Gulag.  Giles Udy  Page 365

The remarkable thing is it is a miracle out of the chaos the Russians are building a new society based upon social justice. Enemies of the Soviet union dislike it not because they are afraid it will attack them, not because it is godless. Because they're afraid that a the state should go forward based on the principle of social justice - Clement Attlee, 1937 dinner commemorating the 20th anniversary of the revolution -  Labour and the Gulag.  Giles Udy Page 432

Lord, when I am tempted to run elsewhere for comfort, peace, and lasting pleasure, remind me all I have in you.- Desiring God

‘Nowadays we hear men tear a single sentence of Scripture from its connection, and cry, ‘Eureka! Eureka!’ as if they had found a new truth; and yet they have not discovered a diamond, but a piece of 

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