Saturday, April 28, 2018

The changing world (88) Dec 79

Dec 1st To Daffo. Three men sold N672 of books. Bought potatoes.
2nd       Cold season now with us so no swimming. Daniel Must preaching in the morning, Dave Bickel evening study.
3rd        Teaching Hausa. TEE duplicating.
4th         Taught two lessons for TEE supervisors course. but not well with stomach pains. Last time Katy supervises Pineview.
5th        Yakubu Yako lectures on evangelism.
6th         Christmas programme at Hillcrest.
7th         Visited Crossleys of CMS at Kafanchan overnight.
8th          Kafanchan much hotter than Plateau. Picnic down Kwoi Road.
9th          Back to Jos. Dele flew in and I took him to Mango. Christmas programme at Hillcrest.
10th        Teaching Hausa. Barnaba Dusu lectured.
11th         Typing TEE tests and duplicating. Trevitt and Mollemaker to dinner.
12th         Boys on school holidays. Katy at St Piran's choir practise.
13th         Garba lectured on witness to Muslims. The need for a church for Hausa converts is evident, a contextualised approach.
14th         Quiet  Day on church as community with the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary.
15th         On duty in guest house. Dominy preaching, Brian Evans Bible study.
17th         Supermarket in Jos robbed but two thieves caught.
18h         Chuck Kraft of Fuller Seminary to lecture and lunch. He wrote our Hausa course book and had to leave the Church of the Brethren Mission when he advocated polygamists could be ordained.
To Garba's for naming ceremony.
19th         Gulas lectured on Borno.
20th         Hausa teaching. TEE proof reading. Katy to St Piran's choir practise while I cooked supper.
21st         Christmas music evening at Dominys.
22nd        Katy played at a big society wedding for the Gowon family.
23rd         Colin Bulley preached. Elizabeth Clarke and Charles Todd to lunch, Carlings to tea. Katy played for St Piran's carol service. Drinks at Ladipos.
25th          Disturbed early morning by a church service with loudspeakers. I preached in the morning. Lunch with Wells, Wiltons and others in guest house. Coles to tea.
27th           To Mango for holiday. Bulmers and Kimbers there too. Rachel fell and scratched face and leg.
29th          Garba round to tell us he is a father again, a boy, Suleman.
30th          SIM standard of preaching shows improvement.
31st          Visited grab and family. Watch night service to see in the eighties.

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