Monday, April 16, 2018

The changing world (65) Jan 78

Jan 1st Preached Daffo. Asked to eat some off meat at pastor's. Must be the only time I could not eat. Took boys walking round the rocks to the river.
2nd      To Kuru to duplicate lectures. No flour to be had in Jos.
3rd        Panama teachers course with Dick and Enid. Katy not well. Bitrus Pam general secretary visiting and Janet Webb for rural health course. Katy not well.
4th         Finished Panyam course. To Langtang via Kabwir.
5th        TEE Kwalla with Dick.
6th         Kwalla to Jos via Zamko and Panyam. Picked up Brian Boddy. Home to Daffo.
7th         Katy better but no Aljan to help.
8th         Katy and Brian to communion service while I cooked. Picnic Farin Ruwa.
9th         To Boi for teachers TEE course. Poorly attended.
10th        Finished Boi course.
11th        Teachers for TEE at Kabwir. Women's fellowship at daft in large numbers. Ailsa Beech staying for a course.
12th        To Jos with potatoes via Kuru for TEE and duplicating. Petrol scarce.
13th        Jos TEE course. Waited over four hours for petrol.
14th        Finished Jos course and back to daft.
15th        Bumers here. Bible School certificated given out.
16th        Fixed up a strip light to run off landrover battery in house.
18th        Potatoes to Jos and Jonathan back to school.
19th        26 at TEE Association meeting with me in chair.
21st         Back to daft where there has been two days unseasonal rain.
22nd        Boi TEE teachers and communion service for nearly three hours. back home with gift of a rabbit.
23rd        The chief of daft visited. Took on Bible school class.
24th        One bible school class.
24th        To Jos and bought golden syrup, a rarity.
25th        Jos teachers class and to mango about TEE books.
26th        Ordination licensing committee interview. Pick up family and to Langtang. Sticky.
29th        Launching of a book on the Yergum at the VIP rest house.
29th        Langtang TEE course certificates given out. Graham Mytton of BBS Hausa service visited. He says they are too Muslim dominated as they are the first language speakers so the only ones employed and the second language speakers needs, i.e. Christians are neglected. Rachel fell with a bloody nose.
30th       Home to Daffo via Kabwir.
31st       One Bible school class and Daffo accounts.

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