Monday, April 09, 2018

The changing world (49) Sep 76

Sep 1   In Jos
Sep 2 Down and reading fiction.
Sep 3  Visited Liberty dam. Lot of rain at present.
4th      To Hillcrest to see a Leeds game but instead a film was shown.
5th       Katy played at St Pirans.
7th       Publishers say new TEE book to be in Kaduna Saturday.
8th       Katy took Rachel to Vom for smallpox inoculation.
10th    174 miles to Kaduna. Book not bound. back to Jos.
11th     Visited the trains and Bulmers. No electricity.
12th     No electricity. Boys and I to Hillcrest for church. Katy to St Pirans.
13th     Still no electricity.
14th      To sticky uncomfortable Langtang.
15th     To Jos via Vom and picked up books.
16th     Delivered books to Bokkos, kabwir, Dawaki, Shendam, Yelwa and Zamko.
17th     11/15 at Pankshin class. Not answering well from the book.
18th     10/13 at Bwarat TEE.
19th      Lunch at Isaacs of Campus Crusade.
20th      Full class Garkawa.
21st      Working on new book. Supper at Isaacs.
22nd     No water for several days. 7/10 at Pil class.
23rd     Kabwir TEE.
24th     Gazum in the morning. Rachel walking with trolley. Stands unaided.
             Rain fills drums but no tapwater.
25th      Shendam TEE.
27th      Preparing for classes.
28th      Kabwir class.
29th      9/10 at Langtand teachers'.
30th      4/6 Langtang teachers.

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