Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The changing world (52) Dec 76

Dec 1st Packing for leave. Harmattan thick bu 94F in afternoon.
2nd       Lilian Blenko and Doreen Collingham visit,
3rd       All the family came to Kwalla teachers meeting.
4th       Kosai (Bean cakes) for supper.
5th       Lunch at Isaacs of Campus Crusade who teach at the secondary school
6th       Bio, Mwari teachers TEE, Boi , Mangu, Jos.
7th       TEE Association Hausa committee. Jonathan has facial boils again.
8th       82% in Hausa grammar and oral exam.
10th      CRC plane to Kano. I think this was when, during a Haj season, David wandered off and was found by the CRC pilot looking at the planes outside the terminal. Sabena left late due to harmattan but they held the London connecting flight for us at Brussels. family met u including my parents. Welwyn church had a Rover 2000 waiting for us.
11th      Potters Bar. Visited house and school. Freezing cold.
12th      Church twice at Welwyn.
14th      Westminster Conference on Robinson, Hooker and kendall on John Cotton. He caused a stir. Asserting Calvin did not believe in particular redemption he seemed to have the Doctor's backing. I was unhappy to see all the acolytes following their leader. Whether calvin held it was irrelevant. Does Scripture teach it. Of course kendall went on to succeed the Doctor and lead the Chapel into things charismatic.
15th        Conference papers on Williams and Half way covenant then the Doctor on Edwards.
16th        To see Jonathan's headmaster than Bill Clark of Evangelical Press.
17th Two inches of snow before four hour drive to Skipton Bridge. Aunty Joyce engaged to William Houston. George Scaife, retired cobbler and Methodist preacher went to his reward.His son Eric schooled with me at cotton. He was very slow. His cruel nickname was Cow's Tail.
18th         Aunty Joyce, her sons and daughters in law round to us. We missed both their weddings.
19th         At Northallerton Evangelical with John Legg, Skipton Chapel in evening. Katy out with carol singers.
20th         Visited Uncle Neil and Aunty vera in Ripon where he is Methodist minister.
21st          To cousin Robert Rayner's farm he manages in Bilsdale. Met his boisterous son  Christopher.
22nd          At Joyces in Thirsk the George Scaife's funeral which I though spoilt by Eric insisting on creation in Teeside, not burial at Skipton.
24th           To Arthur and Christine Rayners then a Chinese with them in Harrogate.
25th           Hambledon Evangelical with Malcolm Peters. David cried for more presents.
26th           Hambledon in the morning then I preached at Skipton evening.
27th          Family tea and games organised by Joyce in the Sunday School room.
28th          Lunch at the Red Lion, best restaurant in the area. Deputation at Hollybush Fellowship. Greeted by a burly farm worker's holy kiss on the door. Pleased then when I started to speak there was peace and quiet after the enthusiastic charismania.
29th           Dad too us up snowy road to Helmsley for lunch.
30th           Railway museum York. Indian lunch. Brayshaw's harrogate in evening. He has been a railway fireman and a guard at the Nuremberg trials.
31st           Saw the new year in at Overends.

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