Thursday, April 19, 2018

The changing world (68) Apr 78

Apr 2nd Bores as usual with Daffo service.
5th          Continuing preparation of four Bible readings on walking in the night.
6th          Bookselling at Foron and Fellowship of Christian Nurses Conference in Jos.
7th          Spoke to the nurses on walking in the night.
9th          Over 100 present for walking in love and walking worthy of the Lord.
10th        Final talk for nurses on walking in the spirit. Measured for robes. back to Daffo.
11th        Marking TEE tests. Opening of daft Bible School.
12th        One Bible school class taught. Translating 1 Cor TEE.
14th        To Jos in rain. TEE Association, morning English, afternoon Hausa. Jonathan has ear infection and his teacher wonders if he has special needs.
15th         To Kuru for Jonathan's ears syringed. Flew kites and glider.
16th          Hillcrest church. Dropped Jonathan. back to Daffo.
17th          Mwari TEE. Back via Boi, Kabwir and Panhshin.
18th          David and Joyce Smith and their two boys arrived from Qua Ibo Mission in Calabar.
19th          Took Smiths to the river. David was pastor at Eden, Cambridge and is not a hard line Strict baptist.
20th           Enjoying Smith's fellowship. Rachel feverish. David constipated.
21st           Katy took Rachel for an injection. Took Smiths to picnic at Farin Ruwa.
22nd          Smiths left. Potatoes bought found to be rotten due to a saltpetre sack. Gardening.
23rd           Ordination. Boers, Bulmers, Dominys and Margaret Dodd here. Big feast.
24th           To Kano. Potholes one third of the way. Visited Dele.
25th           Shopping and with Dele.
26th           Kano to Jos. Dr Jean Wells says one of us should take Jonathan for medical investigation in England.  Back to Daffo
27th          Janet Webb's parents visiting.
28th          Exceptional rain. I had to get Jonathan at the river which had washed away the bridging culverts. With local help we walked him across planks to get home. Lots of debris being washed down.
29th        The road is washed out at the river. Webbs left.
30th        Cooked lunch. Walked to the river and saw the embankment has been restored..

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