Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The changing world (77) Jan 79

Jan 1st transplanted tomatoes. Erected swing for the children. Sermon unintelligible followed by a feast of meat. Painting Concorde kit and starting Boeing 707. Picnic and fishing at Farin Ruwa.
2nd      Tree evangelists came to replenish their book. They had sod N280 with commission paid of N32. Model aeroplane making. Mary Titus did some washing for us.No potatoes in the market.
3rd       Family to Jos. Picked up History of Old Testament part two from the printers. Picnic at Got and Magog. Mary did more washing back at daft.
4th       Boeing &)& still under construction. Mary washed, ironed and showed us how to use a kerosene iron.
5th        Boeing finished. Work on TEE tapes for teachers. Staked tomatoes. Reading Telegraphs and Sunday Times from September, our slow surface mail or gifts from expatriates here.
6th         Women's fellowship here. Preparing TEE teachers tapes.
7th         Three times had to chase pastor's cows off our tomatoes. Morning service at Gindiri legalistic and Christless. Lunch and tea with Gulas who are encouraging me to translate Calvinistic booklets.
8th          Preparing TEE tapes. and calendar.
9th          In Jos duplicating TEE calendar at Boers.
10th        Work on History of Old Testament. Enjoying Al Martin tapes sent by his church. Women's Fellowship met until late and kept us awake,
11th         Chasing cows from garden. Did critique of Common Hausa Bible.
12th         Built Lego for boys. Rachel grumpy.
13th         Sermon preparation for Sunday. new labourer employed. Evangelist John reported sales one N126 books. Lego with boys.
14th          Preached to about 350. 150 communicants and I presided. Took family to paddle at Farin Ruwa.
15th         Mwari TEE teachers via Boi. Supplied Boi bookshop with N200 of books.
16th         To Jos for TEE subcommittee. They want to expand and we are not ready. I also do not want two more districts to supervise. Heather Peters on medical visit.
17th         Labourer did not come with water. Took boys to school happily. Family staying at COCIN HQ.
18th         TEE Association AGM.
19th         Buying books for resale. Talked to publisher about need for TEE reprints. Visited boys who are happy boarding.
20th         To stay at Mango.
21st          Poor sermon in the morning so skipped evening service. Took Rachel on a walk to see the pigs.
22nd         Jim Pleudeman opened TEE workshop. Chat with our old Hausa school colleague, Ruth Veltkamp of CRC.
23rd         Preparation for writing and describing students and objectives.
24th         Jim taught in the morning then Ruth taught sequencing. Dick and I worked on teaching visiting.
25th        Different groups of us critiqued one another's work.
26th        Jim made us rewrite some then start a chapter on customs.
27th        Writing pronounced good.
28th        Pleudemann preaches, a big increment. Dele came thither the managers of his newly opened bookshop.
29th        Critiquing oneanother's work.
30th        Wrote chapter on modest dress.
31st        Jim critiques the lessons and we had them tested. SIM here for a conference. Ray Ortlund of Pasadena preached.Seems Arminian and a concordance preacher.

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