Saturday, April 14, 2018

The changing world (64) Dec 77

Dec 1st 13 and a half hour drive to Maiduguri.
2nd        Lunch at Molai with blanches Saw Brian Boddy who has been ill in bed for five weeks. Five men on TEE course supervisors.
3rd         TEE supervisors course, Breakfast with Cartmels. Dinner with Barringers at Molai.
4th          Breakfast at Smiths. Preached in English. Lunch caramels. Tea with Chris Bell.
5th          Ten hours for 420 miles to Jos in Peugot.
6th          Home to Daffo.
8th          Working on TEE book proofs.
9th          Planted irrigated garden with Katy.
10th        TEE class preparation but hampered by fever.
12th         Day trip to Mwari TEE.
13th        Manuscript proof reading. Janet Webb staying.
14th        To Jos. Long wait for petrol in Bukuru. Picked up Jonathan and off to holiday, SIM Mango.
17th        Boys have made friends here. Rachel likes the roundabout.
18th        Preaching here poor so the morning service was the only one we attended.
19th        Katy has catarrh, cold and cough and off her food. rachel is catching it too.
20th        Both Katy and Rachel ill. Disrupted nights.
21st        Shopping in Jos but Katy still not well.
22nd       Home to Daffo.
23rd        Helping unwell Katy with cooking etc. Putting up Christmas decorations with the boys.
24th        Helping Katy bake. Janet Webb here.
25th        Stockings before dawn. Presents after breakfast. Church until 12:30.
26th        Visitors included Boers, and four others, one staying three nights. Food at Patrick's. dancing.
27th        Food and dancing at another home. Given two chickens and bananas.
28th        Janet departed.
29th        Work on TEE book then to Farin Ruwa with three unexpected CRC visitors. Dancing at Hatori.
31st        Preparing TEE work and avoiding dancing at Bokkos.

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