Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The changing world (80) Apr 79

Apr 1st Preached at Mbar secondary school.
2nd       Took boys back to school.
4th        Work on TEE prayer book second edition, Prayer, and one Bible school class taught.
5th         Fetched water. packing for our move.
6th         To Jos collecting History of Old Testament part 3 from the printers, the Bible Translation Trust.
7th          Met caramels in Kuru and visited CMS kafanchan. Home to daft. sw a bad crash near Vom where 22 killed the day before.
8h           No_one kew it was Palm Sunday when I asked when reaching. Led communion. Farin Ruwa for Rachel to paddle. Hot with some harmattan.
9th          Mwari TEE.
10th        Tafawa Balewa TEE. Back to Daffo.
12th        Picked up boys from school.
13th        Good Friday. Took children out of sermon and did Lego.
14th        Asked to take a woman two days in about to hospital. Three miles down the road she gave birth, my second delivery in the landrover. Good rain.
!5th          Easter Day to Kunet new church opening. Long sermon. Big feast.
16th         Ten missionary visitors with us to Farin Ruwa. Rain.
17th         Daffo TEE class. Took boys back to Mongu.
18th         Planted potatoes. Daffo TEE class.
19th         Margaret Howells visited us.
20th         Fever hampering packing.
21st         District council meeting. Two lunches and the gift of a chicken.
22nd        Farewells at Daffo church
23rd         Move to Rockhaven with bed on top of crammed landrover.  Picked up boys.
24th         Unpacking. Hot water a luxury.
25th         Brian Boddy  helped me with a trip to daft for more goods. Upset to find Hillcrest thought Katy would teach music full time.
26th         Another trip to Daffo. At HQ prayer meeting Paul Baxter says they are leaving discontented with the way missionaries are being treated.
27th         David Telta tells about conflict in Chad.
28th         Jonathan learning to ride his bicycle. Hugh Jones taught me the local game of dara.
29th         David and Rachel unwell. Kohorn's Hillcrest Sunday school good. Mediocre sermon. COCIN service mere entertainment and testimonies.
20th         Work on TEE lessons. Much rain.

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