Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The changing world (54) Feb 77

Feb 6th  Church at IPC Ealing. Lunch at Hallets. Crusader class spoke.
7th         Tea with Oakleys in ware. Broxbourne prayer group.
9th          Spoke at Collier Row Baptist.
10th        Visited Grays in Ealing. Supper with Eastons. Took Bible study at Seabers.
11th         Ate with Mills in Acton. Clowneys there too.
12th         Men's bible study with Dick Keyes at Seabers. Indian lunch. Chat with Howard Hallet.
13th         Preached twice at Cleveland Road. Showed slides in the evening after lunch at Grays with martins.
14th         Lunch with Keyes. Dinner at Duckers with Kim and Cynthia. Kim became the father of IPC Korean church. He was a Korean air force pilot.
15th          Davis calcite helped with the car not starting. Indian lunch. Bible study at Harrisons.
16th          At Larsons then back home.
17th          Not present at wedding of Joyce to her retired farmer William Houston.
18th          Honeymooners Joyce and William staying.
19th          Lunch and tea at Overends.
20th          Preached twice at Welwyn.
21st          With Bill Clark discussing books. Mum and dad staying with us. Elders meeting not very promising on support plans.
22nd          To Irelands at Chinnor then Clarks at Thame. David scared of their cows and dog.
23rd           Showed slides at Welwyn.
25th           Mum and dad left for Skipton.
27th          Tea at Faithfulls.
28th          395 miles drive to Skipton then New Comnock via snowy Teesdale. Baptist ladies there. Staying with Scotts.

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