Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The changing world (53) Jan 77

Jan 1st  Moved into Woodhall Lane , Welwyn Garden City. peter and Chris Mason very helpful providing supper at theirs.
2nd        Errol Hulse preaching. Meals at Masons.
3rd         Shopping with cold miserable boys who refused to stay at Masons.
4th         To Bristol Carey conference with Biull Clark. Robert Oliver on 19th century history and Errol on the glory of the local church.
5th          Herbert Carson on worship. Errol on baptism. Geof Thomas on Sabbath.
6th C Richards on fellowship, Dick Eccles lord's supper, Herbert carson on Hebrews 6. Kinnears visited from Newport. Home 1:30am.
7th          Katy wanted me shopping and this time the boys stayed with Masons.
8th          More shopping. Social party at home of Prof Andrews.
9th          Ian Tait's usual rambling sermons. Meals at Corners.
10th        Discussing book plans at Bill Clarks with Brian Ellis and Brian Edwards.
11th        Jonathan happy to have started his first ever school.
13th        Heavy snow thawing by evening.
14th        To Leapers in Southend after school.
15th         To Southend sea front.
16th         East Street strict baptist. Saw Leaper's boat. Home to Welwyn.
18th         Canvassed Ian Tait for more support from the Welwyn church. He was very generous over our time in Nigeria having banner of Truth send all their new books to me as published.
20th         Many old friends at farewell for Bill and Molly Tett as SUM leaders, Westminster Chapel.
22nd        Overends for lunch and their best friends Reddingtons for tea
23rd         Tait preaching. Lunch with Clarks, tea Jellets.
24th          My mother and brother came to stay.
26th         To All Nations Christian College for SUM prayer meeting.
27th          With Geoffrey to Greenwich Maritime Museum and Cutty Sark.
29th          Visited Whistles at Barnet.
30th          Lunch at Watterson. Not edified by Tait's sermons.

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