Monday, April 16, 2018

The changing world (66) Feb 78

Feb 1st Jos with two sacks potatoes. Picked up Jonathan and to Miango.
2nd      Daffo. Did accounts. A little rain.
3rd       A little more rain. TEE accounts. 8/11 at Kunet class.
4th       At Mango. Trevor wells helped me balance the TEE accounts.
5th       Children good at Mango church. Rachel slept.
6th       To Jos. Jonathan a bit weepy. To Daffo.
7th        Zango via Gindiri. Tee class. Yams and good chicken.
8th        Mango TEE again. To Jos.
9th        TEE subcommittee. Home to Daffo.
10th      To Jos. Good cigar at Boers.
11th       Gingiring TEE.
13th       To Daffo via Kuru.
14th       Daffo TEE teachers.
15th       One Bible school class.
16th       Work on TEE book.
17th        To Jos and picked up Jonathan.
18th        Rachel has fever and runs.
19th        Took boys to Hillcrest Sunday school and church.
20th        To Mwari overnight. Pastor in Tafawa blew in jail with lots of arrests over a new chief.
21st         Tafawa Balewa TEE class.
22nd        Boi TEE then home. Katy not well after a taxi ride home the previous day.
24th        Janet Webb in hospital with suspected Lassa fever. In Jos handing over the TEE there to pastor Ezekiel. Petrol queues again.
25th        Daffo TEE class. Got water in landrover then it rained.
26th        Daffo church with boys then afternoon walk.
27th        Work on TEE pastoral book.
28th        Recording TEE tapes for Bo in Jos then home.i. Janet a lot better.

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