Monday, April 16, 2018

The changing world (67) Mar 78

Mar 1st Daffo Bible school doctrine class and editing TEE pastoral work book.
2nd       Went with David and Rachel to get water.
3rd        To Jos with TEE manuscript. Picked up Jonathan. Delivered potatoes. One hour queue for petrol.
4th         Mushere TEE class. Daffo church convention. Went for water. Derek Joy visited us.
5th         Long church service with Bitrus Pam.
6th         Jonathan to Jos. he cried a bit. Petrol scarce again. Started on New Testament TEE book.
7th         One Bible school class. Work on TEE book. Janet Webb recovering from Lassa fever ar=t Rockhaven.
8th         Work on TEE book. Rain more frequent.
9th         To Kuru with Brian Boddy who is still convalescing with us from hepatitis. Petrol still long queues.
10th       To Bauch via Boi, Lusa and Tafawa Baleaw.
11th       Bauchi TEE class. Petrol in short supply. Noisy and sticky in Bauchi.
12th       Preached in Hausa.
13th       Sum TEE class. Mwari TEE class. Sold lots of books at Pankshin. Back to Daffo.
14th       Daffo TEE teachers and book editing.
15th       Finished TEE manuscript editing. David grumpy. Rachel being potty trained.
16th       More work on TEE book.
17th       To Jos. Visited recovering Janet Webb.
18th        Daffo District Church Council fixed my ordination date. I ordered robes and a cow for the feast. Norman Hohl on doctor's visit.
19th        Rural health assistants graduation in long morning service
20th        Mwari TEE. Bookselling Pankshin and Panama. To Jos. South African missionaries arrested in Lagos. Our South African Reformed missionaries were expelled in the sixties. Our others from that country were eventually expelled too from Mada Hills area.
21st         .Bought small black and white TV which runs off the vehicle battery. Visited Hausa teacher Jean Oliver at Mango. Her assistant, grab, who has professed faith is under pressure from the local Muslim group which promotes Islam. Back to Daffo.
23rd          Checking TEE book on 1 Cor. Picked Jonathan up from Mongu.
24th          Good Friday. Pastor's sermon mainly anecdotal.
25th          Helping Katy who went to women's fellowship. Made marmalade, chocolate cake and sugared peanuts, cured ham,
26th          Easter day with ham for lunch.
27th          Aljan back to work after prolonged absence. Picnic at Farin Ruwa.
28th          Took Jonathan back to school. Sold books at Foron. Back to home.
29th          Preparing TEE tests.
30th          Ditto.        

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