Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The changing world (78) Feb 79

Feb 1st From Mango to Jos.
2nd       Two hours to have landrover pass vehicle test. Rachel overjoyed to be reunited with her brothers. Jonathan has been in contact with hepatitis.
3rd         Visited Bulmers and the zoo ar feeding time.
4th         Hillcrest Sunday school and church. Cornelius Corhorn of CRC not bad. Headquarters compound disrupted by a service under the tree. Visited Isaacs at Baptist High School. I put Rachel to bed while Katy took the boys to Hillcrest evening service.
5th         Put books in commercial Modern Bookshop. To Daffo. No Aljan. Students have watered the plants.
6th         Three evangelists sold N386 of books. Finished annual TEE accounts.
7th          Two students offered to wash and iron. Evangelist sold N98 books.
8th           Visit to Jos. We are posted to Jos from July.
9th           Musa's ironing not good. No water in the well.  Preparing TEE and a sermon.
10th         TEE and office work. Walked with family to the new market. Planted tomatoes, aubergines, cabbage, red cabbage and cauliflower.
11th          Preached at Mbar Secondary. 160 there. Met Qua Ibo educated headmaster. Saw two eagles at Farin Ruwa where rachel paddled. Saw river birds including a kingfisher.
12th          Mwari TEE teachers. Stayed overnight.
13th          Sold N100 books at Tafewa Balewa Bible school. 4/8 TEE teachers resent. Hit a sheep on the way home and killed a mouse in the loo.
14th           Started Bible school students on TEE pastoral course. Did annual accounts for audit. Hot and dry. Went with two students to bet water from the river. Received sea mail in a mere five weeks.
15th           Hot with some clouds. Editing TEE book.
16th           David calcite with us,. Went to Mongu to pick up the boys.
17th           Filled the water. Bush fire nearby but spared us. Hot. Lots of cloud. No rain.
18th.          Preached then to sarin Ruwa. No birds seen. Too cold for paddling. A change of weather with cloud and thick harmattan with a few spots of rain.
19th           Took boys back to school but Jonathan weepy. Delivered potatoes. Petrol difficult. Home via Foron.
20th            TEE class went well. Heather Peters here for medical work but had to take a difficult delivery to Barakin Ladi.
21st            Mushere TEE class. Work on TEE book and sermon. Filled up our water then at night the first proper rain of the season.
22nd           Took students to a ford to fill a muddy place with rocks. Evangelist sold N60 books. TEE editing.
23rd            Rain around but not here. TEE editing. Church evening prayer meeting.
24th             Sermon preparation. TEE editing. Planted beetroot, carrots and turnips. Brought water.
25th            Preached. Farin Ruwa Rachel paddling.
26th            To Jos and TCNN. Greeted Bulleys. Back to Daffo.
27th            N558 of books sold by three men.
28th            TEE editing. Water from stream.

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