Friday, April 13, 2018

The changing world (59) Jul 77

Jul 1st Langtang via Kabwir Packed books. back to Jos via Panama
2nd     To daft with some of our odds. Stuck in mud. Extricated by tin miners. Unpacked and back to Jos.
3rd      Church at Hillcrest.
4th      TCNN Bukuru ordering furniture. Landrover broken into but no theft.
5th      TEE subcommittee all day. It was said I might be temporarily at daft which upset Katy but our boss, Tom Owens said we would be staying there if we wished.
6th     Bought flour which had been unobtainable. We will bake our own bread. An hour queueing for petrol Only a most inefficient and corrupt OPEC country could keep being short of petrol.
Visited zoo and steam trains.
7th      Moved to daft. Children's beds and nets up before dark, ours in the dark by Tilly lamp.
8th      Morning prayers at 5:15. People go back to bed after until dawn. Unpacking but some repacked as storage space inadequate. We have two bedrooms, living room,kitchen and a study; a house built for a single missionary.
9th     Brought gifts of potatoes which grow locally and bananas. House unpacked. Study under way.
10th   Service of over two hours with too many notices and chat between leaders. Legalistic sermon.
11th   Floor scrubbed Carped laid. Katy using charcoal iron.
12th   Morning prayers at 4:15. Short of water. Cleared second drum for it. We visited the local market.
13th    Still no rain so pastor's children brought us water. Boys happy with their bikes but David off colour and grumpy.
14th    Washed with minimal water then some rain and pastor's family brought well water. David swollen throat.
15th     Took the boys to Jos. No kerosene or gas. Saw SIM TEE colleagues.
16th     Aussie bakers came to see the house and investigate possible extension.
17th     Morning Communion service lasted until 1:30 pm. Walked up onto the rocks with the boys.
18th      To Boi, 160 miles in three and a half hours for TEE but only 3/9 there. Heavy rain meant Boi river forded with care.
19th       Daffo TEE only two teachers came. A church worker begged us for a jumper. Made marmalade and mango with ginger jam.
20th       Twisted ankle and so much pain I thought it would impede driving.
21st        To Vom for Jonathan's medical. On to Jos.
22nd       Home via Foron where cupboards collected. Cisaki cherries, local sweet fruit stashed on the way back. Jonathan proud of his trip with his dad. Only he came.
23rd.      Walked to Tof with pastor.David feverish with bad stomach. gas ran out.
24th        Preached at daft then to Panama, mango and finally Gindiri to find gas.
25th        With pastor to Richa on pastoral monthly visit. Much rain. Janet Webb with us for medical visit to the dispensary.
26th         Boi district church council.They say my replacement is responsible for the decline of TEE.Stayed overnight.
27th         To Bokkos then Mushere TEE. Home before rain closed the road at the river bridge.
28th         Bokkos monthly meeting.
29th        Flew kits with attentive audience. With the help pastor's wife, Katy started digging the garden. It was never productive. pastor's cows saw to that.
30th         Helped Janet Webb in the dispensary.
31st        Another long service. Dick Tyler here who too the pastor's sister in law to Vom as she was miscarrying.

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