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Schilder Trilogy: "Christ in His Suffering", "Christ on Trial" and "Christ Crucified" by Klaas Schilder (Author)

I bought the 1978 Klock and Klock reprint of this 1937 English translation. It is called a Lenten trilogy. I read the third volume this Lent and will now slowly, daily, read all three volumes and blog the highlights which strike me as forceful insights.

1. Satan at the Pulpit of the Passion considers Mat 16:23a -  But he turned and said to Peter, tGet behind meSatanYou are uahindrance6 to me.
 Just as Satan came and tempted in the wilderness after the high point of the baptism, so Satan tempts just at the high point of Peter's recognition of Jesus as the divine Christ. In both the temptation is to deflect Jesus from the way of the cross as our salvation.

2. Satan on the mountain of transfiguration
After his confession that Jesus was the Christ Peter wanted to stop him going the way of the cross. It may well be surprising that Jesus took Peter up onto the mount of transfiguration for he had behaved like Satan and he was going to be Satan again. Of course first of all the idea of making booths for these supernatural figures is it rather silly because they certainly don't need them and then there is his wanting to keep them and Jesus there. Jesus had mean heard that he was approved by God to go on the way of the cross. Here Jesus is transfigured and he receives God's approval and once again he resists the temptation of Satan which comes again through Peter. It teaches us that we need to listen to what God says about Jesus and not have our own false ideas.

3.The ministering angel among Satanic wolves.

 Mary, Jesus said  used this ointment for the day of his burial. He is the prophet speaking concerning his death in the prophecy of Isaiah which said he would make his grave  with the rich This was a rich man's ointment.
Jesus is here anointed as prophet, priest and king. His pronouncement concerning his priority over the poor is kingly. He comes first. But once again satanic opposition is their. The disciples grumble and Judas plots.

4. The last priest pointing to the last sacrificial lamb

Ciaphas was the last high priest in charge before judgement on the Jews in A.D. 70 or rather before God showed the end of the sacrificial system. The spirit of God came on him in prophecy.

5 Christ evaluated

Judas betrays for four months' wages.Exodus tells us this was the price of a slave. Zech 11 tells us this was the price of a good shepherd and it was thrown into the potter's field. So here Zechariah's prophecy was fulfilled. The good shepherd was sold and the false shepherds of Israel, priests and Sanhedrin were to be judged, not immediately but in AD70.

6. Christ's passion announced from heaven

In the transfiguration Christ must have been tempted to linger, to keep his glory and not go the way of the cross. The glory here was only borrowed glory from Moses and Elijah not the glory to come when he completed his work. Here the revelation as ever in incomplete. The glory of the two prophets is less than in heaven. They merely talk; very subdued compared with their former ministries. The father himself does not speak.

7. Christ's necessary "circumlocution"

The Lord showed his right as a king to requisition a donkey and foal. He entered Jerusalem advertising his kingship but the file crowd did not understand the nature of his kingship.

8. Christ welcomed and travestied.

Though the crowds welcomed him as king they failed to understand he was the messianic servant king. They want a political saviour. They were acclaiming him for the recent raising of Lazarus.

9.Christ relating games to universal prophecy.

The people wanted a king on their terms. But Jesus impetus and authority came not from below, from the people, but from God in fulfilment of prophecy. The people were merely impressed by His mighty miracles. The children in the temple burst out with praise incurring the disapproval of the leaders of Israel. But Jesus sees them in fulfilling Ps 8 where the son om man, made lower than the angels, is by God exalted.


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