Thursday, April 12, 2018

The changing world (56) Apr 77

Apr 1st  Jonathan school holiday started. Drove to Skipton.
2nd        Shopped Thirsk and Harrogate where Dad is buying a new Datsun.
3rd         Northallerton Evangelical. Lunch at Houlstons, tea Skipton then Peter Brumby at Hambleton Evangelical.
4th          To Hunslet Yorkshire reformed Ministers fellowship. Went to see two herriot films at Northallerton.
5th           Visited Reeth then lunch at Arthur's Soul House then Ripon.
6th           Bought boys kites and flew them. Houlston's wedding reception in Sowerby Methodist.
7th           York shopping and railway museum than meals with friends in hasty.
 8th          kirby Misperton zoo. Visited rayners at Featherhome farm he manages.
9th           Drove hired transit to York with Joyce's furniture. Then harrogate, Leeds, York and Thirsk for Geoffrey.
10th         john Lagg Northallerton Evangelical then cotton Methodist.
11th         Shopping then kite flying. Rachel not sleeping well. In our bed.
12th         Hemingford Grey Braithwaites for lunch. Blew a car fuse from cigar lighter held in.
13th         Clark family visited. Kites again. Heard we are to be posted to daft.
14th         Bought ticket to belfast and overnight in Potters bar.
15th         To Sidcup SUM. Gatwick flight to Belfast. Staying with Hamiltons.
16th          Jim took me to Strabane. Tea with a draper twice bombed out. After taking meeting went to stay the night with a farmer in the republic.
17th           Spoke Raploe Presbyterian and Castlefin Congregational churches then back to Belfast.
18th          Ballymena Faith Mission
19th         School Bus then Belfast SUM prayer meeting.
20th         Speaking Eniskillen.
21st         Londonderry Methodist Church. There overnight.
22nd        Ballmoney Methodist Church then back to Belfast.
23rd         Meeting in Bangor.
24th         Brookside Presbyterian Ahoghill. Then CWU hall there. I heard from a minister that long term he saw a united Ireland but if I told his congregation his opinion he would be out of a job.
25th        A Belfast school CU them Randalstown youth group.
26th        Cumber ladies prayer group. Dunseverick baptist Church. There overnight.
27th        Taken to see giant's causeway. More spectacular IMO was the view from the North Antrim coast where it is nearest to Scotland and one can see the panorama from Ayrshire to Jura, one of the best sights I have ever seen. Evening at Barnestown mission Hall.
28th         Cavehill ladies prayer group them meeting at Dungannon.
29th         Meeting at Armagh. Offered to but Jim fisr and chips at Portadown but he said I should not go and order from the chop in bandit country.
30th         Finaghy Baptists missionary convention.

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