Friday, April 20, 2018

The changing world (71) Jul 78

2nd     Geoffrey and Sara to lunch. Visited Robert Rayner's farm.
3rd      TEE translating. Visited the Grahams in Ripon.
4th       TEE translating.
5th       TEE work. Visited Arthur Rayner's sheep farm, Spout House above Masham.
6th       Bus trip with Jonathan to York railway museum.
7th       TEE translating.
8th        To Newlands, Cumbria via Swaledale. Climbed Catskills Jonathan did well. Met dainty and Whites at keswick convention.
9th        John Stott at convention broadcast service. Met Bishop of Ilesha. Cilbed Skiddaw.
10th      Walking prevented by blisters.
11th      Explored Newlands vally. Geoffrey and Sara visited.
12th      Climbed Maiden Moor, High Spy, Dalehead, Hindsgarth and Robinson. Missionary reception then SUM campfire.
13th      Up Causey Pike, Scar Crags, Sail, Eel Crag, Wandhope, Grasmoor, Hobeaton End, Grisedale Pike. Sunburn. SUM meeting at campsite.
14th      Coffee with Dr Jones in Keswick.
15th      Skipton via Leyburn for lunch. Met Dele at Metcalfes, Ripon.
16th      Morning at Northallerton Evangelical. Geoffrey drove us to Welwyn. Tea at Wattesons. Ian Tait poor in pulpit IMO.
17th      TEE at Potters bar.
18th      Ditto.
19th      Ditto and doing some Greek too.
20th      GOS doctor says we can do back next week.
21st      1 Cor TEE work. Tea at Horners.
22nd     More TEE.
23rd      Double dose of Tait. Ate with Jellets who say there is much dissatisfaction in the congregation but speaking up you are accused of a critical spirit.
24th       Finished TEE translation.
25th       Putting LPs on cassettes Dinner at masons.
27th       Struggle to get cases down to 20Kg each.
28th       kano via Amsterdam. No luggage on arrival. Met by Dick Tyler.
29th       Back to Jos. Rachel hardly knew me. David happy with his present of a fishing rod.
30th       Hillcrest in the morning, SIM Chapel evening. Tea with Rules, supper Dominys.
31st Took boys for medicals. Back to daft where the house has been repainted.

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