Sunday, April 29, 2018

Diary w/e 28 Apr 2018

Sun 22 April

While I heard Paul Levy on Love your neighbour, Katy, feeling ill for more than a day, off her food and at times confused, had dialled 111 and been sent to a GP who said her oxygen was low . Referred to Ealing A&E she was admitted with pneumonia and dehydration. Visited her in the evening. Failed to find a lift to Harmondsworth to preach and I had to agree not to drive myself.

Mon 23 Apr

Katy upset to be told she needs liver tests and perhaps a stay as inpatient until Thursday. When I visited she was in better spirits. Going through the papers for our member whose power of attorney I am to have,

Tu 24 Apr

Registered with local doctor as the Perivale surgery has thrown us out. Visited Katy. In good spirits. What we thought we re hallucinations are merely due to macular degeneration. Gethin Jones at Ealing Lunchtime talks on the resurrection in Mark, Jesus the prophet. Pastoral visit sorting out a members finances.

Wed 25 Apr

Third cut of lawn. Katy home from hospital. Iranian visiting speaker at our midweek meeting telling of witness and persecution in Iran and witness among the Iranian diaspora .

Th 26 Apr

Early morning elders prayer meeting, always an encouragement.

Fr 27 Apr

OPD at Moorfields Eye, Ealing.Four hours with unexpected more laser treatment to settle my left eye. Gridlock coming home. Walked about half the way. An hour and a half to get home.

Sat 28

A cold day and my spirit felt that too. I had booked to go to two meetings but had not the energy.

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