Monday, April 23, 2018

The changing world (75) Nov 78

Nov 1st Typing TEE tests. Katy feverish.
2nd        To Jos collecting New Testament Survey part two to edit.
3rd         Did seven days TEE editing. Katy a lot better.
4th         Completed TEE editing. Sad to see tomatoes are dying. Lego with Rachel.
5th         hay fever my excuse to leave Katy in the boring church service and cook lunch.
6th         Took the completed TEE manuscript to Jos.
7th         Heather Peters with us for medical clinic.
9th         To barking Ladies with Rachel to pick up the boys.
10th        With boys making Concorde kit, Lego and kite flying.
11th        To Richa preaching and baptisms
12th        Monguna with family. Preached, communion, three baptisms. Lots of food. Then a picnic and food again at Garang.
13th        Took boys back to school.
14th         Chis Cheal visiting. She was at Panama 1930 to 1969.
15th         Heather Peters staying too.
17th         Took our visitors to TCNN. Lunched with Chilvers. Planned to take the family to Alushi but finding Jonathan has chickenpox we stayed at Rockhaven.
18th         Shopping. Chat with Charles Todd who has hepatitis. Children to zoo except for Jonathan.
19th         Jonathan a happy birthday despite his spots. Hillcrest church. Katy bad with a cold.
20th         Cheered by Pater Dominy dying he will try and have us moved to Jos. Home to Daffo.
21st         No Aljan. Finished accounts.
22nd        To Jos via Foron where Enid thinks I am trying to get out of work.
24th         No Aljan. Did magazine article on TEE.
25th          Still no Aljan.
26th          Boring sermon. Picnic at Montana. At Vom greeted my old pharmacy staff, Zwambun and Bashi. Tea with Triggs. Preached for hospital church English evening service.
27th          TEE teachers at Mwari. Tafawa Balewa district church council staying overnight.
28th          Took Peter Dominy to Kabwir then to Langtang to talk TEE supervision with oakleys then to Daffo.
29th           Midwife asked me to drive her to Karfa to help a woman who had been in labour several days. First vehicle down the road after the wet season. I was crawling back. The woman was too weak to cry over the bumps. Then she was delivered of a baby girl in the landrover. The midwife had nothing to tie the cord. I gave her the tube from the windscreen washers. When we stopped for delivery the male passengers were told to leave but I stayed and so could help with the cord tying.
30th           Feverish.

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