Saturday, April 21, 2018

The changing world (73) Sep 78

Sep 1st Picked up boys from main road. Between there and Daffo now very muddy.
2nd       Lego building with boys.
3rd        Once again church depressing with long notices, even discussion in them.
4th        End of Ramadan holiday. Made KLM jet model for the boys.
5th        One Bible school class and TEE teachers.
6th       Trip to Mongu with boys delayed by muddy road.
7th        To Jos for TEE committee and overnight.
8th        Very muddy road back to daft.
10th       Preached and presided at communion, my first.
12th       TEE teachers meeting.
13th        Bible school class then TEE translation. Helped Katy bottle guavas.
14th        TEE accounts and manuscript checking. Katy made guava jelly.
15th        More TEE checking. Big rain and flood.
16th        Transplanted tomatoes. River flooded over the road.
17th         Church depressing as ever. Walked to the rocks to view the river.
18th         Started revision of a poor translation of TEE book on preaching.
19th         Translation so bad decided to redo it myself.
20th         Happily translating.
22nd        Rachel's third birthday. To Jos and boys happy to be out for lunch at the nursery.
23rd         Took family to wildlife park then market shopping.
24th          Hillcrest church twice and tea at Boers.
25th          Challenge Bookshops giving quotes for TEE book publishing. Home to Daffo.
26th          Aljan says she is leaving. Tied up cape gooseberry which is now giving us fruit. The season is changing.
27th          Bible school students harvesting pastor's maize. I helped with the landrover. TEE translating.
28th           TEE translating then to Mongu picking up the boys.
29th           Lego with the boys. A dry week.
30th           Katy to women fellowship. Took boys fishing but they were more interested in splashing about.

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