Thursday, April 19, 2018

The changing world (70) Jun 78

Jun 1st Took lily to Maiduguri zoo.
2nd       Nine hours to Jos. Six parcels of books from Evangelical Press. Home to daft. World Cup on TV.
3rd       Took tapes for TEE to Bokkos.
4th        Once again church service a mess.
5th        Sorted the accounts.
6th        Sowing garden. Bought potatoes.
7th        Sold many EP books in Jos.
8th        2am from Jos to Kano 7am. Plane to Heathrow with Jonathan. met by Overends.
9th        Dad came down and I drove up to Skipton.
10th      Took Mum to Thirsk shops. sw William and Joyce. Visited by Geoffrey, Sara, Arthur and Christine.
11th       Morning church Northallerton, evening Hambleton.
12th       Some TEE work. Bus to Evangelical press Ripon. Dad took us to Rayner's at Featherholme farm.
13th       Work on TEE book.
14th        Ralph Lawley took us to Hatfield where Mr Overend met us.
15th        Visited Alison Jenner and son in Great Ornond Street. Doctor ordered tests. To Bible Society.  SUM AGM.
16th        Three physiotherapists examined Jonathan at Great Ormond Street. Supper with masons at Welwyn Garden City.
17th       To Southend and Foulness Island.
18th        Church at Welwyn. meals with Clarks and Masons.
19th        Shopping in Stevenage.
20th        Visited by old colleagues the Clarks.
21st         Jonathan enjoyed the train up to Skipton.
22nd        TEE work. To Arthur Rayner's farm.
23rd        TEE work. Visited Leggs.
24th         Skipton Methodist's mystery trip to Brough, Keswick and Boness. Boat trip too.
25th         Priory Street York. With Geoffrey and Sara. Evening service Skipton. Dad won't have the football on TV on a Sunday. back to York.
26th          Train to Potters bar changing at Huntington and Stevenage which Jonathan enjoyed.
27th          Interviewed by Colin Semper at BBC World Service. Hospital psychologist  says Jonathan is fine. EEG done.
28th           Day trip by train to family in Newport. Return train late and the area manger kindly ordered the train to stop in Potters bar specially for us.
29th           GOS diagnoses petit mal. Prescribes ethionamide and says to return in three months. back via Steadmans.
30th            Ordered a duplicator at Gestetners. Supper at Masons.

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