Monday, April 30, 2018

The changing world (89) Jan 80

Jan 1st Birthday tea for Sue Ladipo at Miango.
6th       Jim Pleudemann preached morning an me evening. Garba's entrance hut burned down.
7th       Filling by dentist. Walk in pine forest with the Wells.
8th       79 letters written during the week's holiday.
9th       To river with Wells. Greeted Garba and helped with a gift.
10th      Back to Rockhaven and TEE teachers meeting.
11th      Lectured on TEE.
13th      Lead Hausa service and communion. Encouraged to find newly arrived Hemmings are reformed. Led Bible study. Bentleys to lunch.
14th      Katy started a week of guesthouse duty.
15th      Water getting short so the watchman is pumping at night.
16th      Visited the water board but no tanker sent.
17th      Children back to school. Chaired TEE Association.
18th      Preparing for Sunday hausa service with students. TEE stocktaking.
19th      Bought potatoes in Daffo. Hillcrest musical evening.
20th      Hausa service at Kabong. Students led. I preached.
21st      Tanker delivering water. Rachel to school screaming.
22nd     Katy on Pineview duty. Delivered TEE books to Foron and Shendam.
23rd     Too TEE Seven Letters for quotation at NBTT. Katy on guest house duty.
24th      Last day of Hausa course.
25th      End of term Hausa course visit to the wildlife park.
26th      Took the boys to play with Drews. He s consultant paediatrician at the university hospital. Wiltons to  supper.
27th      Started series on Colossians at Hillcrest adult Sunday school.
28th      Trudy Becker to super.
29th      TEE correspondence.
31st       Tidying TEE store. Long prayer meeting with Daniel Musa.

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