Friday, April 13, 2018

The changing world (57) May 77

May 12st Preached at John Ross's invitation Knock Evangelical Presbyterian. For the only time in my like I felt somewhat intimidated by someone's presence in the pew. A J Grier was the father of that denomination leading its split from the main denomination nearly fifty years previously. Spoke at meeting at Killenchy.
2nd   Bus, plane, bus, tube, train and Katy met me in the car at the station Welwyn Garden City.
3rd    Took katy and her mother to shop in St Albans while the boys and I ent round an exhibition at the cathedral
4th     Spoke at School of Pharmacy CU. Bought Hausa bibles from the Bible Society. Spoke at Potters bar FIEC.
5th      Harringey Rotary lunch.
6th      Transferring LPs bought onto cassettes. The old technology!
7th       To Skipton at 50 mph, government imposed speed limit to conserve fuel. Spoke for Hambledon Evangelical.
8th       Preached Northallerton Evangelical the Hamilton.
9th Yorkshire reformed Ministers fellowship Hunslet with Hugh Morgan as the minister as husband and father. To Liverpool.
10th     Lunch with Olyotts. He is so Baptist even objecting to Schaeffer writing on the subject. Visited both cathedrals. Belvedere Baptist young peoples fellowship.
11th     Visited Mike Berry, pharmacy lecturer at Liverpool Polytechnic. He had taught pharmacy at ABU Zaria. Lunch with Chandlers, pioneers at Gwoza. Castleford Congregational Church and home to Skipton.
12th     Sunderland Free Church. Stayed with pastor, David Jones.
14th     Pontefract Congregational for SUM day conference. Stayed with old ANCC contemporary John Thompson in Bradford. He told me he was homosexual, the first person to do so. He was from a broken home. His drunken father who had a top job with the local council had pushed his mother down the stairs and she went into labour with John. The father became alcoholic and a rough sleeper begging from John when he could. Some years later John committed suicide saying he could not face a lonely old age. He had over 200 friends in his contact book. He fell for a lie from the devil. He had friends who would have cared. He was gifted as a chef.
15th   Preached twice Zion Evangelical Reformed Church, Ripon.
16th   Spoke at Northallerton school.
17th   Visited Stanhopwe White in Guisborough. I had read his memoirs of Kano and other places where he was district officer before and during the war. His historical novel, Descent from the Hills is my favourite such book. He tells of life in the Gwoza hills from before the coming of the Germans in the 19th century through to the second world war, all related through the eyes of a Gwoza all man. He related great stories of the Gwoza hills with internecine conflicts . He really understood Nigeria. It seems to me the best colonial officers and missionaries loved the people but were not so welcomed by their superiors.
18th    Spoke at Bedale school and Bethel Evangelical, Ripon.I think it unique being led by traditional evangelical former Methodists who unlike everyone else did not stay Methodist or go Reformed or charismatic.
19th  To Whirby reformed Church.
20th   Home to Welwyn garden City.
21st   Kinnears came from Newport. We offered to be responsible for cousin Dorothy when the time comes.
22nd  Joe martin preached at Ealing as i did in the evening.
23rd  Boys have BCG vaccinations. My old professor, Fairbairn, visited.
24th  Showed slides at Welwyn Evangelical.
25th  To Barking with three drums of loads in the car. Jonathan's leg seen by barnet hospital consultant. Largest gift ever received from Ahoghill Presbyterians.
26th  Marley Chapel, Potters Bar.
27th Visited SUM hq Sidcup to talk with general secretary Dearsley. Leapers at Southend overnight.
28th  Sailed with Rodney in their boat.
29th  Strict Baptist church then home to Welwyn GC.
31st  Spoke at Greatham L'Abri/IPC.

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