Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The changing world (79) Mar 79

Mar 1st Finished editing TEE Following Jesus. A little rain in the night.
2nd        Resumed translating book on preaching. Picked boys up from Mongu.. Wales rejects an assembly. Scotland votes for a parliament but both had low turn out.
3rd         Called in to preach at local convention when the speaker did not turn u. Gill Joy here testing pupils for secondary entrance.
4th          Crowded convention. I presided at the Lord's table.
5th          Boys back to school. Fillings from dentist at Hillcrest. Supper with Bulmers at Foron.
6th          One lecture and TEE editing.
7th          Editing. Hot. Went for water.
8th          Ditto.
9th          At Jos editing. saw boys. Thick harmattan
10th        With Ernie Maxwell of SIM on TEE. Back to Daffo.
11th        Endless announcements. Three collections. A prison chief warder was preaching.
12th        Mwari TEE. Leader upset that I am to leave their supervision.
13rh        More Mwari TEE. Feverish back at Daffo.
14th        Not well. Fetched water.
15th        Hot. Gave Bible school students half term test.
16th        Water drawn. Took Katy and Rachel to see the Bulmers at Foron while I collected the bus.
17th        Games with boys.
18th        Very hot. Did Sunday school with boys while Katy at church. Saw a monkey up in the rocks.
19th        Boys to school. An evangelist has sold N200 books in three weeks.
20th        Heather Peters staying. Hot.
21st        A few drops of rain.
22nd       Heather left. Kimber family visited. A good rain.
23rd       Mushere end of month meeting. Evangelist sold N412 books. Rain. Road slippery.
24th        Took family to hear me preach at Maikatako. Given potatoes.
25th       Flew kite. Climbed the rocks.
26th       TEE translating.
27th       Daffo TEE teachers. Translating. Thick harmattan.
28th       Translating. Labour lose a vote so may be general election.
29th       We are to move after Easter and teach a Hausa course from May.
30th       Sold potatoes in Jos. Brought boys home to a happy Rachel. A little rain.
31st       Married two couples, my first.  Little meat at the feast which rain disrupted.

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