Monday, April 30, 2018

The changing world (90) Feb 80

Feb 1st Did TEE accounts. Jane Hamilton to supper.
2nd       Katy to musical evening.
3rd        Colossians at Hillcrest Sunday school. Barnaba Dusu on the creed in Hausa.
4th        Editing the poor translation of Seven Letters. Visited Sharpes. She has threatened miscarriage. Very thick harmattan.
5th         Editing slow. Chat with Luka from Gwoza who has been ill.
6th         Executive Committee has approved my secondment to work for Dele. Katy on duty. Petrol easier.
8th         TEE at Dutsen Was, 110 miles.
9th          Katy on duty. Water short. No tanker.
10th        Taught Colossians. Simon Dades poor in Hausa. Trevor Wells did good study.
11th        Editing Seven Letters
12th        Katy at nursery and Pineview. Garba checking Seven Letter. More editing.
13th        To Bukuru and Foron with the TEE book. Mavis Bulmer is tying.
14th        TEE editing is hard work. Liz MacLean and Lindsey Sharpe to supper. Katy at recorder group.
16th        Musical evening on Bach. David Owers and Eileen Clarke engaged.
17th        Colossians again. Gos and Magog picnic with Wells. Led Hebrews Bible study.
18th        TEE editing.
19th        More editing.
21st         Marion Mollenhaur to dinner.
22nd        Went to Miango for Garba to check TEE book.
23rd         White ants in TEE stationery. Bookselling to big evangelistic rally at Bokkos.
24th          Hillcrest Sunday school taken again.
25th          TEE editing.
26th          Jonathan has bleeding infected feet.
27th          First rain of the year.
28th          Petrol long queues. Katy at school PE display, recorder practise and St Pirans choir.
29th          TEKAN Hausa Bible school subcommittee congratulated me an TEE work. Petrol queue an hour and a half.  

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