Thursday, April 26, 2018

The changing world (82) Jun 79

Jun 1st To Miango on holiday.
3rd       Sermons from an able Southern baptist and also Pleudemann.
4th        Hohls all here from COCIN.
5t          Miserable with the runs.
6th        Still off my food.
7th        Continuing unwell.
8th        Ladipos chatting. He is Yoruba with Campus Crusade. She is from York.
9th        Vomiting. on sulphonamides.
10th       Two preachers tried to be expository but not very gifted.
11th       Croquet with couples from Benin. Climbed the hill behind the mission.
12th       Football with boys. Lawn darts.
13th       With ladies to waterfall. Visited grab.
14th       Enjoyed tsire(Kebab) from market. Croquet. Climbed on of the volcanoes.
15th       Home to Rockhaven.
 16th      Family picking cizakis at Foron while I visited Bokkos and Daffo using potatoes and bananas.
17th       Reasonable sermon at COCIN HQ.
18th       Garba in Lagos so I did all the teaching.
19th       Garba in Zaria. I did the teaching. Jonathan starting piano lessons. Brian Boddy down from Maiguguri.
20th       Still no Garba so I taught. Bevers of CMS Onitsha with us for tea.
21st       Garba back teaching.
22nd      David Lot spoke to my students on the history of Panama and also local politics.
23rd       Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe not guilty of killing his lover.
24th       Preaching Mbar Secondary. Had a request played on BBC Work Service. Lunch by the river at Bokkos. Chat with Tom Owens at Gindiri.
25th        Hausa teaching. Bulmers to lunch.
26th        Association of Theological Educators seminar at Piano on Educational Planning. TEE book work on Pauline epistles.
27th        Another day of Hausa then the Mango seminar.Good reception for TEE display there.
28th        For the first time I am liking a woman lecturing on theology.
29th        Back from Mango. Brian vans to super with a gloomy report on mission finances.
30th        Bulmers to such. Electricity off a lot.

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