Friday, April 13, 2018

The changing world (58) Jun 77

Jun 1st back to Welwyn GC. Showed slides at Overend's friends, Reddingtons at Potters Bar.
2nd      School friend of Katy's the Whistles visited and I drove them back to Barnett.
3rd       talked with Ian tait then drove to Skipton and had steak out with Geoffrey.
4th       Geoffrey and Sara wed at Ripon. Drove for the groom.
5th       John Lagg at Northallerton Evangelical. Afternoon cotton Methodists. kin nears from Newport with us.
6th       Over to Katy's family in Wilmslow.
7th       Silver Jubilee seen on colour TV.
8th       To Rugby staying with the Newtons . He teaches at the school. Crossed swords with Fiona, Katy's friend who engineered our friendship. She is into marriage guidance and I fundamentally disagree with non-directive counselling. I am not surprised the Marriage Guidance Counselling changed its name to the non-directive, relate.
10th      Bought N200 for £108. By 1982 it was at parity. Now it is N500+ to the £.
11th      Visited Windsor castle with Overends. lunch in Great park. Staying in a basement flat on the front at Swanage.
12th       Swanage Evangelical Church.
13th       Afternoon walk along the beach with the family when the rain stopped. Good local cider.
14th       After heart rain the clifftop was too slippery for a walk there.
15th       Lunch with the Langs formerly at Vom. Rain and mist.
16th       Sunny kite flying on the beach. Three pints of cider was overindulgence.
17th       Wind and cloud but good for kits.
18th       Home to WGC via Bovington tank Museuma nd salisbury.
19th       Bill Clark preached at Welwyn. Dr Farrell of USA evening then a farewell for us.
20th       Packed two more drums.
21st        Packed last two drums and after Jonathan's school jubilee party moved to Potters bar. Party for us at Welwyn.
22nd       Leapers visited and my parents came down.
23rd        Heathrow to Brussels to Kano by 5:45.Staying at SIM.
24th        SIM plane to Jos. Told Kieth Black we were not happy about daft and TEE for three districts.
25th        Rubbish preaching by an AoG man at Hillcrest.
26th        Driving licenses renewed.
27th        Shopping with Kary in the rain.
29th        Collected landrover. Enid Crane suggest I do two TEE districts only as I will be teaching local Bible School too.

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