Friday, April 27, 2018

The changing world (85) Sep 79

Sep 1st Buying books for Boi bookshop to resell.
2nd       Rush to get to church at 9am as Katy supervising and I had to feed rabbits and chickens. Led evening meeting.
3rd        Rain less. TEE Hausa committee. Reading New Testament part two manuscript. Traffic jams with President Obasanjo in Jos. Hillcrest PTA.
4th         Katy at Pineview.
5th         To Kano to pick up David Bickel from plane.
6th         Editing Life of Christ TEE book.
7th         Ruth Veltkamp secretary of TEE Association visited. Rachel in nursery class. August allowance aid - record promptness? Editing Life of Christ. Pregnant Jenny baker has hepatitis. Swains and Bulmers staying. dele and family lunched at Rockhaven.
8th         Dug up grass beneath the flame tree. Bought beef at N3.50 a kilo and pot at N1 per pound.
9th         Eileen Clark, Kathleen Gordon and Mary Salter to lunch. Katy did children's Sunday school for ours and Wells.
10th        Life of Christ editing. Digging garden. Katy to Mango for conference committee. Rachel weepy at school.
11th        TEE editing. Katy at Pineview. Kimber, Bulmer and David disciplined over exposing themselves at school.
12th        Katy on Rockhaven supervision with three families staying. TEE book work and gardening.
13th        Katy at nursery with Rachel. She has pain in one eye.
15th        To Bokkos, Daffo and Foron. N816 of books sold. Bought bananas, limes and potatoes. N7 a sack profit on the latter.
17th         Took Brian Boddy to Kabwir and gave five lectures. Brought Salter and Clarke back. Phillip Hacking and Dominy to dinner.
18th          Garba has new hearing aid.
21st          Mango conference. Must Got poor.
22nd          Hacking and Ogobe speaking.
23rd           Farewellfor John Dean. Bulley good sermon.
24th           Back to Rockhaven with nine on a new Hausa course.
25th           Course going well. Farewell for Grace Stokes. Katy at Pineview. Saw Ezekiel Bagu.
26th           Boys have good school reports. Bought Paedia Press books from John Boer and enjoyed a cigar. The books ate from a friend of his in Canada and a great introduction to Dutch reformed righties.
27th           Rachel's birthday party. Did TEE accounts. Dele staying.
28th           TEE subcommittee. Dele took boys to pick up his daughter Dupe from Kent Academy.
29th            Sermon preparation. Sawed branched off tree.
30th            Preached in Hausa. Brian Boddy with us all day.      

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