Saturday, April 14, 2018

The changing world (61) Sep 77

Sep 1st  Typing TEE manuscript. Katy much faster but too bury.
2nd         Patrick, bible school teacher checking my 1 Cor translation.
3rd          Work on TEE book.
4th           Patrick preached. family to Farin Ruwa where there is a great picnic spot and place for the children to paddle.
5th           Josiah, the Bible school teacher who went off for a course is back so I am relieved of his lectures.
6th           Supervising students taking Regional bible School entrance exam. A third of them at least will fail as their wives are illiterate.
7th            Hear from pastor's Jos visit that Jonathan was upset because he had expected a visit last weekend.
8th            Radishes and Chinese cabbage from garden. Chickens are eating the latter. Too much rain has ruined the tomatoes.
9th             Bible school students weeding round house and garden.
10th           Katy off could with a cold. More 1 Cor translating.
11th           Katy to communion service while I cooked lunch for seven local guests. Visited Farin Ruwa again.
12th           More 1 Cor translating. Rains less. Warmer.
13th           4/5 Daffo teachers TEE. Michael Phillips, mission treasurer with us overnight.
14th           Dropped Phillips at Panama. Jonathan with me in Jos overnight.
15th           River up so could not get home.
16th           Back home.
18th           Disorderly church service so left after sermon. Took children up the hill.
19th           I am to resume New Testament teaching in Bible School as the teacher has left.
Peter Dainty staying.
20th           3/8 only daft TEE.
21st            To Vom for Rachel's typhoid jabs but no doctor.
22nd           Picked up Jonathan. Back to Vom for injections. Jos overnight.
23rd            TEE publications committee.
24th            Mango for conference.
25th            Rev Luther Chisak spoke. Misses Warfield and Watkins of SIM, their Hausa experts, discussing publications. Warfield was related to the Dutchess of Windsor.
26th            Back home after planning with Enid and Dick and meeting the MD of Challenge Bookshops, SIM.
27th             New house girl, Aljan, seems good. Boys grumpy.
28th             Produced guidelines for TEE translating and editing. Aljan encouraging.
29th             To Gindiri but did not find the pastors I needed to see. One in Jos, one in jail.
30th             Did some Lego with the boys and gardening for Katy.

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