Thursday, April 19, 2018

The changing world (69) May 78

May 1st At Daffo checking TEE proofs.
2nd        To Jonathan to see doctor then school. Flight home with him approved. Met chaplain to Nigerian army 3rd division.
3rd          To Kaduna and back getting TEE book on evangelism from printers.
4th           Home to Daffo from Jos.
5th           Geoffrey Dearsley and p\Peter Dominy visited to meet church leaders. Big rain and flood but no danger to the road.
6th            The two visitors left. gardening.
7th             family to Mwari for ordination of four pastors. Huge overflow crowd. Very hot.
8th             Bible School term finished. Sue Davis of CMS Kafanchan came to stay. She is a great TEE colleague. Plays cricket and hockey for Lancashire. She was to die of cancer in her forties refusing to go home early when a lump was seen on her breast.
9th             TEE at Daffo and Til.
10th            To Mango for Association of Christian Theological Educator's consultation on accreditation standards for secondary education.
11th            ACTEA consultation and visit to Jean Oliver.
12th            Mango to Daffo. Petrol in short supply again.
14th            Took local church leaders to Kwalla ordination. Road bumpy but beautiful.
15th            Mwari TEE teachers.
16th            Mwari students and then back home.
18th            To joe checking 1 Cor with garbage.
19th            Katy and David to Hillcrest to hear Jonathan singing in Grade 1 school concert.
20th            katy presented a musical evening on records at Dominys.
21st            Hillcrest morning service. Katy went to a Brahms requiem and boys to junior church.
22nd           1 Cor proof reading completed and manuscript taken to the publishers.
23rd            To Maiduguri with Sue Davies and John Horton of CMS in their van. 10 hour journey.
24th            Very hot. Met TEE supervisors. Meals with Smiths and Chis Bell.
25th            Lunch with Barringtons. Prayer meeting.
26th           Lunch at Lake Aloe. Hot. Planning TEE class. Coming down with fever.
27th           fever but at least the electricity is back on so i have the fan. Yakubu Yako arrived for a New Life For All campaign. He was a most gifted evangelist working earlier with SUM's Wilf Bellamy.
28th          Fever easier but not right so no church.
29th           Trevor Wells here for bookshop accounts.
30th           To Bama, Mbuliya and Pulka. Luch with Gulas at Guduf. Gwoza then Limakara where the empty house id a mess. Brought three lots of food.
31st           Our CMS friends climbed to Ngoshe.Back to maiduguri. Dinner with Swains.

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