Saturday, April 14, 2018

The changing world (63) Nov 77

Nov 1st Proof reading TEE book.
2nd        Duplicating TEE texts at Mangu.
3rd         four Bible school classes.
4th         Picked up Jonathan and stayed in Jos.
5th         Jos TEE students class. We went to the zoo.
6th         Preached at Hillcrest. Took Jonathan back with no tears. Back to home.
8th        Janet Webb here upset pastor wants her to look after the maternity here for a fortnight.
11th      Bought 8 sacks of potatoes for N27 each . I will make at least N3 a sack.
12th       Preached at Bokkos baptisms. Delivered potatoes to Jos.
13th       Preached at Hillcrest.
14th       Started teaching a TEE course for 8 pastors to be supervisors. Rachel sick.
15th        Enid and Dick also teaching this course. Rachel still sick.
16th        Still teaching TEE course as is Geof Kimber.
18th        Took Jonathan to wildlife park for birthday treat.
19th        Jos TEE class then Jonathan has his birthday party at Boers,
20th        Preached Hillcrest. Lunch with Koops of CRC. Home with Jonathan. Rachel sick on arrival.
21st        9/10 at Mwari class.
22nd       Isaacs from Langtang here for lunch also Janet Webb. Rachel off food.
23rd        T0ok Jonathan to mango for school. No tears.
27th         Daffo church frustrating. 35 minutes announcements. Five special songs. Rubbish sermon.
28th         TEE editing.
30th          To Jos.

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