Thursday, April 26, 2018

The changing world (83) Jul 79

Jul 2nd Took Paul Oakley to Boi TEE to show him the road which was very bad in places.
3rd        David's bike arrived but too big for him to tarn on so he is using his brothers.
4th         Received four new TEE books from Kenya.
5th         Drove to Kano to meet a pastor back from All Nations training.
6th         Dele says he will give up bakery and concentrate on book selling.
7th         Back to Jos. Elections for senate.
8th         Katy working as Rockhaven hostess.
9th         I am relieved of TEE area supervision by TEE subcommittee.
10th       Daffo TEE supervisors meeting. Returned with potatoes and bananas.
11th       Hausa teaching and work on TEE book. Bitrus Pam addressed the students.
12th       Barnaba Dusu addressed the course.
13th       Hausa course finished.
14th       Sermon preparation. Elections to house of representatives.
15th       Preached to about 70. Katy said I lacked application. A lot of rain.
16th       A wasted trip to Boi with Paul Oakley because no teachers turned up.
17th       Katy too Jonathan to see the doctor about his eye. No physical damage so the problem likely linked to his hemiplegia.
18th        Discussions with printers and publisher. Pam Brenton to supper.
19th        Looking at first draft of a new TEE book on seven letters. Garba teaching Lutheran ladies.
21st        Disappointed by Pentecostals from Streatham baptists taking the Quiet Day.
22nd        D McBain preached at HQ.
23rd       Visitors have taught us to play Boggle. Petrol in short supply.
24th         Daffo TEE and traded potatoes.
25th         Moving house at Rockhaven
26th          More moving.
28th          Bokkos TEE. Three men have sold N650 books. Back with potatoes and bananas.
29th         Preached at HQ and led Rockhaven Bible study.
30th         Sorting TEE store. Results of governors election coming in.
31st         Solomon Lar elected state governor.

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