Monday, April 09, 2018

The changing world (50) Oct 76

Oct 1st Three sleepless nights with Rachel teething. Class at Tase.
2nd       David bad breathing at night. TEE class Langtang.
3rd        Solomon and Mary Lar came for coffee. He went on to become state governor, she an  ambassador. he was later imprisoned after a military coup. Around 1990 I met the former vice president of Nigeria in Willesden Green. he and Law had been in prison together. Shagari's VP - Igbo.
4th          Car to service in Jos. Visited Bulmers.
5th        Class at Bokkos.
6th        To water board to investigate our supply. To G\Sabon Gida for TEE but turned back at   Zamko feeling unwell.
7th         Water being repaired d but still none.
8th         7/9 baking Kogi class. Good food but cockroaches in my hut at night.
9th          Raping TEE class.
10th        Doctor at Mongu says Rachel slightly dehydrated.
11th        Boi on muddy road. 6/9 at  teacher' class.
12th        Boi students class.
13th        Safe key lost. Visitor overnight from TEAR fund.
14th        Class at Gidan Adamu. Maureen Hartford seeks naturalisation so she can retire in Nigeria.  She failed and joined the Roman Catholics eventually dying in a convent in Portugal AFAIK.
15th         TEE at Pankshin.
16th          Class at Tutung. Visit from Jill Joy and Blanches with two VSOs.
18th         Garkawa class then to Jos.
19th         Early birthday party for David. Safe key still lost. N500 in it.
20th         Sabon Gida class. Hear Mr Burrough has died. Our Jonathan was to marry his granddaughter.
21st         TEE class Tigya.
22nd        Yelwa TEE. Bombed by bat droppings. Given yams. Killed bat in living room at home.
23rd         Shendam class. Gift of bananas.
25th         Richa class. daft overnight where pastor has TV. On all the time. Enemy of conversation.
26th         Daffo TEE then Panama class and overnight stay.
27th         Tapshin TEE. Kabwir overnight.
28th         Out of the blue an unexpected visitor, Dr Anne Nesbitt from my home village in Yorkshire, population of under 100. She is paediatric consultant in Benin and best friend of James Herriot's daughter. Both in the school year below me.
29th          Langtang teachers. Trying to break the safe out of the wall but all concrete and stone and I cannot trust my labourer to do it with all that money inside.
30th          Class at Mabar. Monet extricated from the safe after I chiseled off the back.
31st          Boys Brigade Sunday at church.

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