Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The changing world (51) Nov 76

Nov 2nd Bokkos TEE then Mushere overnight.
3rd          Mushere TEE. Carter elected US president.
5th          Bakin Kogi TEE 6/9 there.
6th          Kwalla TEE class.
8th          Mwari teachers. Overnight with pastor there and good chicken soup.
9th          Lusa TEE then overnight at Boi.
10th        Marti TEE. Stayed overnight.
11th        Were TEE. Overnight Tafawa Bakewa.
12th        Tafawa Balewa TEE. There overnight and treated to two meals.
13th         Bauchi TEE class. Stayed overnight.
14th         English service then Hausa at Bauchi.
15th         Mwari class and then home.
17th         Jos via Kabwir, Gindiri and Foron.
18th         Took Rachel for yellow fever jab.
19th         TEE subcommittee. Back to home.
20th          Bakin Ciyawa TEE. Kwalla overnight.
21st           Preached on hypocrisy to about 300.
22nd          Bwal TEE
23rd           Namu TEE. Good chicken with yam. Stayed overnight.
24th           Morning prayers at 4:45 am. Home for Jonathan's belated birthday party.
25th           Kabwir teachers meeting.
26th           Langtang teachers meeting.
27th           Amper TEE class. Busy packing for leave.
29th           Rachel and Jonathan have threadworms.Water off again.
30th           Dutch doctor, Cees Spring with us overnight.

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