Saturday, April 14, 2018

The changing world (62) Oct 77

Oct 1st  Jonathan at home. Built Lego heliport.
2nd       Cooked lunch while Katy at church. When the rain stopped visited Farin Ruwa in spate.
3rd        Local church district approved my ordination request.
4th        Took Jonathan to Mongu for transport to school. Radio told me Boi road impassable so back home.
5th         New testament classes then to Jos.
6th        Nigeria Bible Translators Trust placing printing order. back home.
7th        teaching parables in Bible School.
8th        Katy not happy that I have cigars.
9th        Preached at Mangu.
10th      Two New testament classes. Tomatoes transplanted.
11th      Taught doctrine of sin Bought 80 bananas for N2. Katy pickled cucumbers. 3/4 at TEE teachers meeting.
12th       Making lime squash. Three Bible school lectures.
13th       Bought four sacks of potatoes for N24.
14th       To Vom for Rachel's third TAB jab. Picked up Jonathan who went for a swim in a mission pool.
15th        TEE committee.
16th         Preached at headquarters church.
17th         TEE committee. Drums arrived by rail after sea transport. Unpacking at home.
19th         Three Bible school lectures.
21st          Walk to Toff with Dr Norman Holt. Preached. Goat stew. There overnight.
22nd         Norman saw patients. I preached.
23rd          To Richa. Preached to over 1000. Very hot. back to home.
24t4th       Bible school teacher Patrick violently ill rolling on the floor. I called the dispenser and we agreed he should go to hospital. It turned out he had a strangulated hernia and the surgeon there operated. This is the only time I know I saved a life. The family said that without my advice they would not have sent him to hospital. With Patrick away I took five classes.
25th         To Jos to see about printing of books. Bought milk and cement blocks. Back to home.
26th          Took four classes.
27th         Three classes.
28th        Five classes.
29th        Mushere TEE.
30th        Cooked lunch. Flew kites.
31st        Visited Patrick in hospital. TEE at Boi. 5/9 there. To Jos.

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