Friday, April 27, 2018

The changing world (84) Aug 79

Aug 1st Seeing about TEE book printing. Katy in charge of Rockhaven guesthouse.
2nd        Gave blood for a Polish professor. Petrol queue half an hour.
3rd         To Daffo for furniture and potatoes.
4th         Moving things into the new house hampered by heavy rain.
5th         Final sermon of three on Ezra at HQ church. Katy took children's Sunday school. John Wilton evening study. Minuses of SIM enquiring about Hausa course.
6th         Moving into new house where we slept but meals in guesthouse. Farewell for Baxters.
7th         New washing machine a luxury
8th         Work on TEE life of Christ. Sally the dachshund now with us
9th         Boys happily back to school. Picked up Old testament part two from the printers.
10th       Colloquial Hausa test for Pfeffers.
11th       Peter Dominy gave lecture at the start of a new Hausa course for thirteen students.
12th       Grace and Fred Holland, American TEE experts here for supper.
13th       Good star to three week Hausa course.
15th       Bitrus Pam lectures.
16th       Shagari elected president.
17th       Hausa teaching. Andrew and Janice Rivett to supper.
18th       To Kafanchan. Visited waterfall. House full of dog ticks.
19th        David Owers preached morning, Usman evening.
20th        Teaching going well. Heavy rain.
21st         Katy has a new job, covering supervision of Hillcrest's Pineview hostel when houseparents are on their day off.
22nd        Hausa teaching.
23rd         Katy supervising guest house.
24th         Hausa teaching.
25th         Sold N200 books to Modern Bookshop. Tree foot puff adder killed while labourer cutting grass. Taken by night watchman for the pot! Heavy rain.
26th          Less rain so warmer. Pauline Farley and Marion Mollenhaur to dinner.
27th          Checking park TEE book. Katy briefed on guesthouse supervision while Wiltons on holiday. Lord Mountbatten, three of his family and eighteen soldiers murdered by the IRA.
28th          Katy supervising Pineview and Rockhaven.
30th          Spoke at prayer meeting.
31st          Supervised lunch for over forty people. End of short Hausa course. Garba gave very good talk on witness to Muslims. Gave five people Hausa orals.

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