Monday, April 23, 2018

The changing world (74) Oct 78

Oct 1st A better sermon at last.Climbed the hill by our house.
2nd      8/12 teachers at Boi. Aljan not at work so we will sack her.
3rd       Took boys to Mongu for their ride to school. TEE translation.
4th        Aljan penitent so we elected and will still employ her. Bible school class taught. More TEE translating. Dorothy Fairbairn and Rev Mugana staying interviewing students for Zamko training.
6th        More translating. Rain has returned.
8th         Really blessed by Ridderbos an Paul.
9th         Planted out cabbages.
10th       Teachers report some decline in TEE enrolment. Started editing another TEE book.
11th        More on TEE editing. One Bible school class. Transplanting tomatoes.
12th        The TEE book on Christian life ia a poor translation with poor theology too.
13th        In Jos getting samples of new book on pastoral work.
14th        Annual church meeting at Maikatako. Sold over N200 of books.Over twenty women baptised but no men.
15th         Preached for Fellowship of Christian students at Mbar secondary school. One student asked for help with his besetting temptation of visiting prostitutes. No such queries in UK!
16th         Due to fever did not enjoy the daft district church council.
17th         Andrew Trigger and Heather Peters staying.
18th         Took Andrew to Tof and saw the ache harvest - local cereal good for porridge.
19th          Took Andrew to Panama
20th           To Jos picking up the boys than to CMS Kafanchan.
21st           Grass around is full of ticks than get on the dog and people. You cannot pull them out whole but need to apply iodine tincture. We went with Sue Davies to the local waterfall. Two students came to swim in the pool beneath. Only one returned. We asked him where his friend was. Dead. Drowned. Sue said he must report it. He said he would be accused of killing him so Sue went to his college as a witness. The body was found downstream some days later. Our children never know.
22nd          Anglican service. Rain. Planned to go to Kagoro hills but river impassable.
23rd           Took boys back to school.
24th            CRC plane flew me to Gboko. Saw Daffo from the air. Staying with Berends from New Zealand.
25th             Took Reformed Theological College morning prayers then lectures on Reformed churches in England followed by TEE introduction. Swim at  local cement camp.
26tg             Two more lectures on TEE and another =swim.
27th              Flight for Mbar to Jos. Home to Daffo. Rachel suffering from sunburn.
28th              Big meeting at Mushere down muddy road. Sold N350 books there, Bokkos and Daffo.
29th              Preached then cooked lunch while katy at communion service.
30th             Teachers meeting Boi. Sold books at Pankshin.
31st            One Bible school class and school photo. Pain fees for one student at Pastors college.

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