Saturday, April 28, 2018

The changing world (87) Nov 79

Nov 1st Electricity off all day. Katy helping at nursery school.
2nd       Jim Pluedemann lectured on leadership.
3rd        Took children swimming. made a bonfire, burned a guy and cooked potatoes.
4th         Road to Kano now good. Visited Dele.
5th         Bankole lectured on independent churches.
6th         John Crayton, Katy's cousin's husband visited on business.
7th         Luch with John at Plateau hotel before he left for Kaduna.
8th         Hausa teaching. Katy at nursery school. Pleased to meet another reformed Dutchman, Willem Mollemaker.
9th         Picked up Mark from printers. Pleudemann lectured again. Rivetts and family members visiting to supper.
10th       Took boys swimming. Planted seeds. Field Society barbecue at Lamingo Dam.
11th        Peter Dominy preached at HQ. Katy on guesthouse duty. Took boys swimming.
12th       Labaran, a second informant employed. John Boer  lectured. Bill Clark of Evangelical Press arrived.
13th       Hausa teaching. Showed Bill bookshops and TCNN. Talked about me doing book work in future.
14th       John Boer lectured n church and society.
15th       Took Bill to Kunet, Bokkos, Daffo and Farin Ruwa. He spoke at prayer meeting.
16th       Visited Greers at Bukuru before driving All to Kano and eating with Onamusi.
17th        Back  to Jos, 300 Km in three hours. Our Town performed at Hillcrest, the first stage play I ever saw as a boy.
18th       Recorded Jonathan in third grade choir during Hillcrest service. John Cox visiting. Took Bible study.
19th        Peter Dominy will have my part time secondment to work with Dele considered. Ezekiel Makama lectured on church growth.
20th        Hausa teaching. Unpacking parcels from Evangelical Press. Katy at Pineview where we ate dinner.
21st        Katy started a week of guesthouse supervision. Alexander Law lectured on spiritual life in COCIN. Birthday party for Jonathan's ninth
23ed       John Boer's Th.D party at Evenhousess.
24th       Recording Sue Davies' LPs. Grace Onamusi gave us plantains. Took boys swimming then to see polo. Katy at musical evening.
25th       Geof Kimber preaching.
26th       TEE subcommittee. New worker Sunday has stolen N1200 from Rockhaven safe.
28th       Hausa teaching and preparing a lecture on TEE.
30th       Katy to Messiah.

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