Saturday, June 02, 2018

Diary w/e 2 June 2018

Sun 27 May

Fakenham Baptist Community Church. Charismatic and BU. Half an hour with four guitars and drums. All contemporary and repetitive. Preacher a hospital chaplain and was expository but lacked application. His payer for the world lacked any mention of the unborn in Ireland. Lunch at the farm then Sheringham Park. Beautiful rhododendron on the tree walk. Back to the farm for roast beef dinner from the Littles. Champagne for Jonathan and Miriam's 23rd wedding anniversary.

Mon 28 May

Cloudy. To Holkham. You would think that people who charge a lot to park would provide a decent surfaced road. The tide was out and when mist came the sea out of sight. Family went to paddle. I shivered too cold to read. Then the pub was too crowded for a seat.

Tues 29 May

Blickling Hall. Guided tour of gardens then wandered round the house. Back to the farm for a swim.

Wed 30 May

Little Walsingham. The abbey ruins do not open early so we tried the shrine, a beautiful quiet garden constructed by a 20th century anglocatholic vicar to promote the mariolatry which had been removed when the medieval priory was dissolved under Henry VIII. After excellent lunch from Jonathan and Miriam to Sandringham where I enjoyed seeing how the royals live there for the Christmas break. The family then went on a seal viewing boat but I stayed in the car at the cold misty quay.

Th 31 May

We hired two boats at Wroxham and our three hours on the Bure included a pint of Abbot at a riverside inn. Back at the farm our last dinner was excellent fish and chips from Wells. The original fast food is still the best. Thankful for a happy week with fifteen family and no altercations.

Fri 1 Jun

Home by 1pm and fifth cut of lawn. London hot and muggy after the cool mist of Norfolk. Elders and familes evening out at Ace Cafe. Two of our eleven elders are bikers and one organised this.

Sat 2 Jun

Katy played cello at the wedding of Geoff Thomas and Barbara Homringhausen who is a member of IPC. Beautiful day at Gunnersbury Baptist.

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