Friday, June 22, 2018

The changing world (127) May 83

May 1st Prayer led bu Graham Wiggott, ANMC going to Niger. C Banks preached 1 Cor 13 again. Fasting and believed the Lord was speaking and leading.
2nd         Making models with boys. Jonathan stubbornly does not confess to mistakes. Rachel tells the truth. David is frustrated thinking he is unloved. Deb is so sweet.Went to see a video at Hui's while children were on their computer. Looked at a big house going cheap nut cheap and tasty.
3rd           Pam Hallett asked for help concerning Crusaders and Steve. Presbytery at Kims in Tony's Saab.
4th          Spoke at Michael Flanders. Rachel off school because of cleaners strike. Cycled to mr Hallett as I broke off part of a molar. Trevor Wells came and advised on tax.
5th          Talked with Steve concerning church planting in Southall. Talks with Cheese. Showed them round church. Good witness to Muslims in Alperton.
6th           Preparing sermon. May Harris visited us.
7th           Took Jonathan to first trumpet lesson with mt Bates at Questors Young Musicians club Elthorne High. He recommends David to do cornet but David reluctant. Took meal to Grays, Carol recovering from a brain hemorrhage. Mexican supper at Larsons. Bedlam at table.
8th             Excellent sermon from Joe. Took Simon's Fiat sports to Sunningdale baptist.
9th             Deb kept us awake most of the night with earache. John Blanchard on pop culture at Westminster Fellowship. Lunch with Philip Iveson of Finchley. Negative lecture but Any Sandys spoke up for Cliff Richard. Met Richard Tomlinson now of LCM. General election called. Visited hastens. Elected an Ealing IPC elder. Geoffrey in Leeds hospital Renal problem. May be in up to six weeks. Throbocytopenic purpura.
10th            Prayer with Steve and David Barnes. to Kennington EMA Muslim world group. Lutherans want me to broadcast in hausa on FEBA
11th            Spoke at Michael Flanders. Hired cornet for david.
12th            To City in Hassan's new Mercedes. Lunch at Seoul Restaurants. Walked Aldgate to Holborn. David Barnes phoned over a Nigerian client seeking divorce from her pharmacist husband.
13th             Rachel reluctant to go to school for she says she has no friends but off she went for a weekend Brownie camp. David Barnes had me to Brentford County Court to swear an affidavit for his Nigerian client who has left her husband in Nigeria. Overends here for her birthday. Sue Davies, phoned her after learning she has inoperable breast cancer.
14th            To Questors Young Musicians and had David enrolled. Rachel will be accepted too. Duplicated newsletter,
15th             Steve preached morning and me on OT worship n evening. Rachel back from camp.
16th             Deb has fever but still on ear antibiotic. Chinese diplomats to dinner. Geoffrey out of hospital.
17th             Met with Geoffrey Rowland who is retiring from Southall work. Says n evangelicals north of Uxbridge Road. Katy not too keen on the area. Deb diagnosed with tonsillitis.
18th              Deb much better. Ministers fraternal. Worked on NT worship. Did my accounts and Trevor to dinner and checked them. A neighbour arrested and released on bail with 250 counts of child abuse involving 250 boys locally.
19th               Prep on worship. Halletts to dinner.
20th               Translating TEE book.
21st                Took boys to brass lessons at Questors Music. Rachel to enrol. Moved to Martin's house while they are away. Not as chaotic as expected except for the kitchen.
22nd                Friend of Steve's from Vermont preached. Barnes twins baptised. Children enjoy martin's big swing. Only Steve there in the evening so cancelled.
23rd                 Children take E1 bus to school. Translating. Deb sick three times in night.
24th                 With Steve to Kims planning work in Southall. Deb sick again.
25th                 Spoke at Michael Flanders.
26th                 Translating.
27th                  Ditto and to Holy Trinity, Hounslow for Mission to London counselling class. Anglo-catholic.
28th                  Overends visited in the evening.
29th                  With Wales to Bohunt School where Steve preached for IPC. Met solicitor mark harvey.
30th                   Braithwaites took us to their's. Walk in Trent park.
31st                   Day return by train with boys to Geoffrey. Walked by the Ouse in York.

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