Thursday, June 21, 2018

The changing world (125) Mar 83

Mar 2nd One difficult original church member resigned. A relief as some are when they go, members of the 5% who take up 95% of one's time.
3rd          First day of spring weather. Ealing Abbey passover Seder led by a Jew. No fatherhood of God, no grace nor sacrifice.
4th           Sermon prep and for a contextualisation talk. Kim and Cynthia to dinner. He was a Korean air force pilot. They met at Swiss L'Abri.
5th           Took boys to play a computer game on the Clearing House (Clowney's) computer. Rachel to St Saviours for Rachel's brownies open day. Cycled to Kilburn Nigerian Deeper Life Movement. Legalistic but stressed prayer, holiness and evangelism.Critical of Anglicanism - at least in England IIRC.
6th            Steve preached. Content good. Presentation lacking. Bread and soup lunch for TEAR fund Sunday. Cycled to Overseas Fellowship of Nigerian Students. Dele came fro Nigeria to go the Christian Booksellers Association meeting.
7th             Our Lady of Lourdes RC Acton for funeral of Michael Halvey. Went to burial too. No gospel, no assurance of resurrection - failings of Roman Catholicism. Cycled to talk to Alperton Pakistani Muslims.
8th            Pub lunch with Steve. Go in charge at the embassy was educated in a mission school. Took hose group at Barnes.
9th            Lecturing on contextualisation at WEC. Received forms for lectureship at Moorlands.
10th          Gave three lectures at WEC. Julia Law to supper and Treor Wells visiting.
11th          Train to Weston super mare Methodist House. SUM conference. Lunch with Dominys. Met Ann Struthers, Gerald Mann, Williams.
12th          SUM conference continues. Met Grace Stokes, Andy Wills and jane Hamilton.
13th          Preached. Driven home by Andy Willis.
14th          Studying worship. Chinese visited for tea and were open to gospel witness. Jean Oliver to dinner and recorded the awful way COCIN has not welcomed converts from Islam.
15th          At WEC and played testimonies of Jean and Garba. Hose group at ours.
16th          Spoke at Michael Flanders. Applied for Moorlands job.
17th          Dele visited and I showed him IPC.
18th          Ministers fraternal with an orthodox rabbi on a Jewish view of Christianity. At GOS neurologist says Jonathan has no epilepsy but colossal genesis for which there is no treatment.Went to An Inspector calls at St Stephens.
19th           Duplicated newsletter. On bus to Kew with out three and two Knells. Walked along Thames to Richmond.
20th            David not wanting to go to Crusaders but changed his mind and a holiday booked with them. IIRC this was formative spiritually for him. Ed Clowney preached the while Bible from Jonah,'Salvation is of the Lord'. Phenomenally good. Interviewed by elders for eldership. They had recognised my COCIN ordination but synod had not accepted me as a member of presbytery. Qizzed on application of preaching, pastoral counselling and depression.
21st              WEC on worship and contextualisation. Then apologetics case studies in Africa. Dele asked me to take a message to Heathrow for someone to take to Grace,
22nd            Talked with Yang of embassy. Jean Oliver to dinner and house group at m]barnes.
23rd             Islamics seminar at All Souls. NAM, OM, ANCC, BMMF, Horizons, WEC.
24th              Good visit to regents park mosque. Gulas visited us.
25th             Train to Welwyn and talk to Evangelical Press.
26th             Drove to Jenners, Cheshunt, where jack pastors among Strict baptists.
27th             Cooked mince curry. Steve in the morning. Let down by a Nigerian failing to meet. Brian Knell preached in evening.
28th              Prayed with Steve. Did prayer letter. Talk with Chinese. Overends visited.
29th              Sermon prep. House group here.
30th              Sermon prep. To estate agents looking at houses £38to 55,000.
31st              To Skipton by train.

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