Saturday, June 16, 2018

The changing world (118) Aug 82

Aug 1st Steve Bickley preached at IPC.
2nd       52 quieter with parsons away. Elders of IPC visited. Raju Abrahams took me to Southall to see Geoffrey Rowland who works among Sikhs. Picked blackberries.
3rd        To Greatham with Steve, Ranald Macaulay and Clive Boddington. The two there say how about half time pharmacy. Steve agrees with me declining this. Bible study at Guthries.
4th         Interview at YMCA lunch with ken Wycherly of UCCF.
5th         Katy made bramble jam and I picked more.
6th         To Southall and met Sally Stringer of BMMF and Margaret Wardell ICF and Geoffrey Rowland who say to contact their missions and red Sea too.
7th          parsons back and with us for supper.
8th         Preached IPC. Deb had disturbed night. Braithwaites visited. Evening very poor IPB attendance.
9th           Good cheese from Corucipia. Fondue.
10th        Took children to Thirsk by train on day return. I returned. They stayed.
11th         barbecue by side of Hui's pool.
12th        Started to resume translating of preach the word.
13th        Dinner with Grass.
14th        James family round. Digby took me to two bookshops.
15th        Preached Walthamstow.
16th        First child benefit paid. Trans]slating.
17th        Arranged with Scripture gift Mission to revise their Hausa booklets. Lunch with Triggs at sidcup. Geoffrey dearly happy for me to do translation work. Train to thirst. met by and stayed with houston's.
18th        To Skipton. Kinnears there. Brought children home by train. Expected a meal at martin's 20th wedding anniversary but cake and games. dinette uncommunicative. Funny woman suffering after an assault by Derick Johnson.
19th        Children banked money at post office. Joined library. With Marty Larson to Kim and Scythia Worcester park.
20th       Typing Hausa translation on preaching. Katy picking blackberries. Sandra Humerston to dinner.
21st        Sandra to lunch. To Richmond park with jean Oliver. lots of deer. Chinese at Jean's Acton Green.
22nd      Steve twice at IPC. met Discoverers team for holiday Bible club.
23rd       translating. Children started Discoverers week.
24th       To John Oldfield at red Sea Mission Team Finchley. John will contact some churches for me.
25th       With Discoverers to box Hill where I spoke. Elliott back with Marty's family.
26th        Translating. Cooked Mexican mince dinner.
27th        Translating. presentation at Crusaders.
28th        Train to Bradford. met by John Thompson. Staying with Platts., Spoke at church.
29th         Preached idle evangelical. Saw Lionel Fitzsimmons of ICF about Muslim work. Preached Pollard Park.
30th        Train home. Deb fever.
31st         Translating.

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