Thursday, June 21, 2018

The changing world (126) Apr 83

Apr 1st Dad preached Dishforth Methodist. Steak lunch. Visit to Middleham castle and Leyburn. Hambeton Evangelical in the evening.
2nd       Shopped in Masham en route to Arthur and Christine at Spout House. Snow. lamb]ng starting tomorrow. Visited Houlston's.
3rd       Preached twice Bethel Ripon. Lunch with Dawson's, tea Pollards. Dawson farm has 450 tear old barn.Hear the pastor has left Zion. Willis Metcalfe, Calvinist backer of Evangelical Times is there. His brother Douglas, Arminian, is at Bethel. Douglas is the only ex-Methodist consistent in that theology and not going Calvinist or charismatic.
4th        To Geoffrey's You. Then to Museum of Yorkshire farming.
5th         To Boltby and Kilburn White Horse. Ham and eggs at Cotswold.
6th          Home on train. Shortlisted by Moorlands.
7th          Answering Moorlands queries by letter. Overends to tea with Crayons. Mrs O may have breast cancer.
8th          Visited John Cox, Stevenage, and a goat farm.
9th           Train to Overends and left Jonathan there.
10th         Preached for Ealing Korean IPC.
11th         Prayed with Steve. To Leicester Banner conference with Peter Golding. Errol Hulse good on hell but he has a critical streak. Met Ray Tibbs who is now in Cambridge. John De Witt not impressive on election.
12th         David Jones on painting testiness in ministry. MacLeod on evangelistic preaching. R Chester on children and conversion. De Witt on atonement.
13th         g Murray on pastoral care. MacLeod on elders. David Smith excellent on mission. Met Paul Gardner. He was at IPC in 1969. Now minsters in PCA as did his father who left the Anglicans after 1966.
14th        MacLeod very good sermon on the cross. Home with Peter Golding.
15th        Examination for eldership went well.
16th        Train day return to Kinnears, Newport.
17th        Deb not well yesterday now some better. Steve's sermon dull. Katy taught Sunday School.She went in the evening and i baby sat.
18th        Dave Bickel visited. Congregational meeting.
19th        Depressed. House group listened to interview with David Watson on healing. This charismatic Anglican was to die of cancer to the dismay of many who hoped for miraculous healing.
20th        Good numbers at Michael Flanders. TV back from Dixons after six weeks. Marty ran up to us to get me outside to Scott. She had told him to tell his brother to get a bath. he decided to jun on him from the end of the bed but d]=fell through the window. His leg was cut from the outside of the thigh. he was not really conscious and had a lot of glass in his face. Elliott arrived and said he was fortunate not to cut inside his thigh as a severed artery may have proved fatal. A kind passer by also helped him. Hospital treated him. Mrs Overend has mastectomy.
21st         Depressed. Visited the Chinese. David Drew staying. says Nigerian inflation and corruption are terrible.
22nd         Better prep on worship study.
23rd          Told to hire a trumpet for David. Braithwaites to lunch then to Kew.
24th          Steve preached in the morning. Iranian Bassey to lunch. Converted here. Crusaders term started. Preached in evening.
25th          To Evangelical Library then St Andrews in the City. Met Terry Hemmings. Dick Lucas on preaching from a passage, Mar 4. Met Stan Steadman's brother. Roy Clements on preaching to an issue - First commandment versus humanism. Jim Packer on what the preacher needs to believe.
26th           With Elliott and Larry Snyder of L'Abri to conference. Clements on God is heard through the Bible. Then Packer. Chat with Paul Gardner and Terry H. R T Kendall on Preaching from a text. Not contextualised. Talk with a Wycliffe Translator . Practical dilemmas with Ranald, Dick  and Roy. Supper with Dick Lucas. Jackman on Preaching with pastoral application.. Turned down for Moorlands job.
27th People are changed by the Bible from Packer. With Jonathan Burrough to South Norwood Baptist for Catherine Hodgkinson's funeral. Spoiled by cremation. Long chat with David Barnes on housing.
28gth       Bought David a trumpet Michael White's.
29th         To Herne Bay FFM conference with Brian Knell.  S Banks preached. Judson from Lebanon encouraging.
30th          Banks preached. Norman Anderson brilliant on law and new trends. Chatted with him. Jack Bud on Middle east. FEBA. Lunch and walk alone coast with Dave Bickel. Niger with Graham Wigett of SIM. Helen Page RSMT Mali.

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