Monday, June 11, 2018

The changing world (112) Dec 81

Dec 1st Planning with Dele in Kano.
2nd        Kano cold, dusty, noisy. Putting stock levels on cards.
3rd         I find the staff here are not keen works.
4th         Back to Jos and Rachel's school Christmas programme.
5th         I have been down all month. Katy to Messiah.
6th         Preached twice at SIM Miango.
7th         Harvey Kiekover at the Theological Society on suffering. said his wife's MS has altered his theology.
8th         Sue Davies and Rachel Sutton to lunch.
9th         Semester finished for the children and katy. Carols at Storeys.
1ith        Miango for a weeks holiday.
12th       Deb does not settle well in a strange cot.
13th       To Kent Academy Christmas production. Onamusi here to hear their girls.
14th        Making a Hurricane kit for Jonathan.
15th        Now a Spitfire kit fr David. Started on the Victory but found the instructions inadequate. I was never to finish it.
16th        Enjoying games with Bulmers. Back to Bible reading after ten days. Over the years I now think my inconsistency in daily devotions was not merely a spiritual problem but linked to my then undiagnosed cyclothymia = bipolar problem. Around three years later someone, a neurologist, did not diagnose it but said my mood swings rendered me unfit to be an elder. I was defended by a fellow elder, anthems consultant physician. But my supporter unlike my critic was an elder. My critic aspired to be one but was a baptist and not a team player. he is an outstanding leader and became a very able missionary. But like lots of missionary leaders he was only happy when others danced to his tune.
18th         Back to Jos with a generous Christmas present from Onamusi.
19th         Tree and lights put up. Eating in guest house for a week. Katy at Music Society concert.
20th         Katy and three children to COCIN. I babysat. Heard a good exposition from an Ibo pastor at ECWA Plateau Chapel.
21st         Visited ECWA's Theological education Secretary. Impressed how biblical he is. Wish he was in COCIN.
22nd         Shopping and swim with children.
23rd         Katy bothered by lack of domestic help and I was unhappy when our colleagues in charge of Rockhaen sold some chickens without offering us  the opportunity to purchase.
24th         Did book orders. David Drew took the children out.
25th          Children up 6am with stockings. Had a little service at Drews. Lunch with all the Rockhaven families.
26th           Power off in the morning. Short of water. Lecturer from Zaria to lunch. Wells to tea. Rachel miserable wanting more presents.
27th          Drews to lunch.
28th          Model engine making for Jonathan. David does not persevere painting his plane. Swimming.d
29th           Drove to Kano. Unpacking imported books.
30th           Amazing Grace shop needs better staff.
 31st          many police checks on the road to Jos. saw new year in at Boers with Lutheran Bakers and Gordons who work among Fulani.

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