Monday, June 18, 2018

The changing world (122) Dec 82

Dec 1st Translating.
2nd        Depressed. Unproductive trip to town.
3rd         Depressed reading novels.
4th         Ditto. IPC bazaar poorly attended.
5th         Preached at St James. Visited Hassan wives. Spoke at IPC in the evening.
6th         Back to Bible reading. Pub lunch with Stave.
7th         All day letter writing.
8th         No-one conversing at the mosque. Evangelical Library is very cold.
9th         Depressed. letters, Christmas cards, novels.
10th       Ditto. First volume of Lloyd-Jones biography arrived. Not as critical as it might be by Murray.
11th        Reading the Doctor's biography. Christmas cards. Visited hassan.
12th       Steve preached in the morning. Katy upset at lack of preparation for carol service.I spoke in evening.
13th       Lunch at the Kent with Steve. Translating. A second student had committed suicide next door jumping from the second floor.
14th        With Steve to Oxford by train to errand St Aldates to visit us next month. Rachel a bunny at Brownies party.
15th        Good chat with a Ghanaian at the mosque.
16th        Translating. met vicar of Alperton who wants a full time Gujerati worker.
17th        Poor turn out for IPC carol singing around West Ealing. Katy frustrated by lack of planning carol service too.
18th        To Martins for greenery to decorate church but not ready. Eight children in Hui's Volvo to Willesden children theatre, Magic lamp. Overends visited.
19th         family service. Nativity play. Rachel an angel. David chief guard. Jonathan a wise man.
20th         With Katy shopped for children presents from us, Skipton and Myra. Translating. Bought TV £50.
21st           Translating. Bus to Total Albert Hall Sir Charles Groves Messiah. Not a full house. £15 TV license.
22nd          No contacts at mosque. To Old Kent Road for some snooker bits for Elliott. Free lunch at Seoul restaurants.
23rd            Met Mum and dad in Potters bar and delivered presents to Braithwaites. Frost.
24th            Drink at pub with Steve. Deb feverish.
25th            Deb crying 4am. 6:30 children with stockings. Present unpacking stretched to after lunch. Yorkshire roast chicken. Larsons got a billiard table.
26th            Steve preached. Brief family service. Geoffrey and Sara to lunch. Surprised that brought the dog with no notice. Afternoon walk. Evening service at Hosiers.
27th             With Geoffrey's her assembled Knells Scalectric. Geoffrey drove us into town to see the lights. he did a U turn in Piccadilly and only had to stop at two lights all the way back.
28th             With dad to Bedfont to pick up Myra and Dorothy. Geoffrey and sara left after dinner.
29th             Was going to National portrait Gallery with dad until Mum intervened.
30th              Translating after Mum and Dad left.
31st              An hours drive to borough Green to see baby Christopher Leaper. Watchnight service at IPC. Bed 2am.

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